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RSVP Wedding Websites: The Ultimate Guide

By Bliss & Bone

An iPad and iPhone screen showing a black and cream colored online RSVP form for a wedding invitation

Creating an RSVP Wedding Website With Bliss & Bone

One big advantage of digital wedding invitations that link to your wedding website is the ability to accept and compile responses to your invites online. RSVP wedding websites are designed specifically to accept wedding RSVPs from your guests and to make it much easier to manage catering and venue arrangements for the precise number of guests you expect to attend your ceremony and reception.

At Bliss & Bone, we offer services designed to help you manage your wedding more effectively. We can deliver beautiful online or printed wedding invitations, wedding websites and more to help you and your partner create the wedding you have always wanted. From your own custom wedding monogram to printed wedding invites you can send to friends or retain as keepsakes, Bliss & Bone offers the perfect selection of wedding stationery and other services for your once-in-a-lifetime wedding day.

Creating a RSVP website for weddings can allow you to streamline the process of determining how many guests you can expect at your wedding ceremony and reception. By providing your invited guests with the ability to submit their wedding invitation RSVP online, you can make this process easier for you and your partner while allowing greater convenience for those invited to attend your wedding reception and ceremony.

Bliss & Bone offers all the tools you need and the inspiration you want for your wedding invitations, wedding website and fun RSVP wording that will delight your guests. This guide will help you create your own wedding RSVP website and will provide you with guidelines on wedding RSVP etiquette to help you make the best impression on those you choose to attend your wedding celebration.

What Is an RSVP?

The term RSVP refers to a French phrase, repondez, s'il vous plait, which translates to "respond, if you please." A wedding RSVP allows guests to respond to the wedding invitation to let you know if they plan to attend or if they must send their regrets. Wedding RSVP communications can be sent digitally directly to your website or by returning a card in the mail.

In practical terms, your wedding RSVP will provide you with a rough estimate of the number of guests who will be at your wedding ceremony and reception. Each wedding RSVP should contain information on the precise number of guests and, if applicable, the dietary preferences for each guest who will be in attendance. This is necessary to manage catering requirements and costs for your upcoming wedding. For larger weddings, knowing the approximate number of guests will also ensure that you have adequate seating and that you do not exceed the maximum capacity of your chosen wedding venues.

Choosing Between Printed and Digital RSVP Website Options

In decades past, it was much more common to send out printed wedding invitations with RSVP insert cards and envelopes all together. Wedding etiquette has evolved over the years, and there is a world of options for all things related to celebrating your big day. So, while that was considered the most appropriate option during that time, couples are now deciding between two main solutions: printed RSVP cards and RSVP wedding websites. The latter, RSVP wedding websites, are a much more modern, digital-savvy solution for couples who want to keep everything online. There is not a right or wrong way to go here, but there are many benefits to taking advantage of RSVP websites. 

Below, we are narrowing down some of the main reasons why couples decide on printed responses or wedding websites for RSVP. Think all of these through before making your final decision on whether or not to build out an RSVP website.

Benefits of RSVP Wedding Websites  

  • Virtually track wedding RSVPs: Let’s be real: Things can get lost in the mail and the last thing you want is losing track of your wedding RSVPs. By creating RSVP wedding websites, you can create a virtual hub displaying responses as they come in. So, after sending out their invitations, all couples need to do is head over to their account and see which relatives or friends have used their RSVP wedding websites.

  • Finding an eco-friendly solution: An easy-to-use tool that also helps the environment? This is yet another perk guaranteed by your RSVP website. Because you will not use any paper while collecting wedding RSVPs, you will reduce your carbon footprint in the leadup to your epic celebration. 

  • Cost-effective ways to communicate with guests: In addition to helping Mother Earth, wedding websites for RSVP also save money. Great for couples planning their wedding on a budget, RSVP wedding websites allow couples to save significantly on otherwise expensive printed cards and envelopes. Plus, you will not have to pay for stamps with RSVP websites, so that is another cost you can scratch off of your list.

Benefits of Printed Wedding RSVPs

  • Keeping all of your printed stationery in one place: For couples who have already decided to send out printed invites, it might make more sense to include RSVP cards and envelopes in the same outer envelope. These are then sent out to each guest and contained in one place for easy access to all wedding-related information. By contrast, you would need to direct guests to your RSVP website from your printed or online invitation.

  • Assisting less tech-savvy guests: It is possible that not all of your guests feel comfortable using an RSVP wedding website. If that is the case, you can opt out of an RSVP website and add the printed versions to your order from the stationer. 

  • Sticking with tradition: One reason many wedding couples decide to keep with the printed RSVP cards and envelopes is that it is an age-old tradition passed down for generations. This is a classic, traditional option for many and it is a great way to tie all of your printed stationery together. 

Modern couples often gravitate toward RSVP wedding websites for all of the reasons listed above. And at Bliss & Bone, you can provide guests with a cohesive RSVP wedding website that coordinates with the rest of your stationery suite. 

What to Include on Your Wedding Website

One of the first items on your wedding planning checklist will likely be setting up the website for your wedding. Wedding websites with RSVP capabilities can provide added convenience for you and for your guests in managing all aspects of your wedding in the most practical way possible.

Creating your wedding website at Bliss & Bone will allow you and your partner to access our tools, templates and examples to build a website that suits your needs. We offer you the ability to create RSVP wedding websites that look great and that work for you and your guests. Some of the most important elements of your RSVP wedding website include the following features and options:

  • Images and backgrounds: Customizing your website with your own images or with backgrounds from Bliss & Bone can create the right mood for guests invited to your wedding. We make it easy to find the perfect backgrounds for wedding and RSVP websites that match your wedding invitations and that complement your wedding theme and decor.
  • Links to your wedding registries: Your website is the perfect way to let your guests know where you and your partner have registered for wedding gifts. Wedding and RSVP etiquette precludes the inclusion of registry information on your Save the Date cards and invites. Your website, however, is the perfect place to provide links to your wedding registry for your guests.
  • Information on guest restrictions: If you do not wish children to attend your wedding or if you are limiting plus-one invites, your wedding website is the right place to include this information. This can help you to avoid issues on the day of your wedding.
  • Transportation arrangements and hotel reservations: Letting your guests know how to get to your wedding venues can be as easy as adding this information to the website for your wedding. Wedding websites are also a practical way to let your invited guests know about reserved blocks of rooms at local hotels, which can make their travel arrangements much easier and more convenient for you and your guests.
  • Recommendations for local attractions: Alerting your guests to the most popular and appealing local attractions can allow them to enjoy their time spent in your wedding destination or local wedding venue.
  • Wedding RSVP capabilities: Making sure that your website can accept wedding RSVPs sent digitally can streamline the process of figuring out who will be in attendance and who will not be able to come to your wedding. At Bliss & Bone, we offer RSVP wedding websites that provide all the most accurate information and that make it easy for your guests to send a wedding invitation RSVP online. By taking your wedding RSVP online rather than relying on mailed RSVP cards, you can get the most use out of your RSVP website during the months preceding your wedding celebration.
  • Foreign language support: One of the most useful features we offer at Bliss & Bone is the ability to translate your invitations and websites into a number of foreign languages. This support for foreign languages can make it much easier for you to deliver the necessary information to your guests regardless of the language they speak or read. Our exclusive foreign language capabilities make it easier for you and your guests to plan for your wedding in the most positive ways possible.
  • A personal touch: One of the most popular elements of wedding websites is often the personal story of the happy couple. Sharing a little about how you and your partner met or a lighthearted anecdote about your engagement can inspire greater engagement and excitement among your guests. This can translate into a higher attendance rate among those you invite to your wedding.
  • Details about other wedding-related events: For many modern couples, it’s common to host more than one event in the lead up to or aftermath of your wedding. These might include a welcome party, rehearsal dinner, post-wedding brunch and anything else that brings your guests together. These events offer extra opportunities to get time with your favorite people, especially when the wedding day timeline can make it difficult to chat with everyone. Later on in this guide, we’ll cover how you can use RSVP wedding websites to collect responses about each of these events.
  • Dress code: While your wedding invites will detail the dress code, it doesn’t hurt to repeat it in your wedding website with RSVP. You can highlight the dress code for your wedding—plus any other events you are planning around the big day—using RSVP wedding websites. While it is most common (and understandable) to keep it simple with cocktail attire or black tie, many couples are getting more creative with their dress codes. In a wedding website with RSVP, it is becoming popular to share dress codes like “garden party formal,” “black and white only,” “elevated New York chic” and more. With these ideas in mind, you might also want to share a vision board or color palette that guests can follow while deciding on their outfits for your celebration. 
  • Fun questions for your guests: At the end of the day, your wedding should be a fun experience for everyone involved. To get the party started early, you can use RSVP wedding websites to ask your guests questions that will come in handy later on. For example, “What is one song that will get you out on the dance floor?” This will not only help you figure out your DJ or band’s playlist, but it will also make your guests feel cared for during your special day. Other questions for your wedding website with RSVP can be lighthearted or simply for engagement, like “Any advice for the happy couple?” or “What’s your favorite memory with the wedding couple?”

Your wedding RSVP website can provide your guests with much-needed information while streamlining the process of collecting wedding RSVPs. Creating an RSVP website is a great way to generate excitement about your upcoming wedding while saving you time and effort on completing your checklist for planning your wedding.

Creating the Perfect Wedding RSVP

The best wedding websites for RSVP purposes begin with your wedding RSVP. Paying attention to wedding RSVP etiquette can allow you to create RSVP websites that suit your theme and that will impress your guests. While incorporating fun RSVP wording is generally fine, making sure that all the key information is included in your wedding RSVP will reduce the need for questions from your guests and extra effort on the part of you and your partner.

In most cases, proper wedding RSVP etiquette on your part requires that details of the date, time and location of your wedding events be included on your wedding RSVP. You can also include expected attire and information on catering arrangements. Most importantly, you will need to specify whether your wedding is for adults only or whether children are welcomed as part of the guest list. If you are offering plated meals for your reception, you will need to include a choice of entrée items as part of your wedding RSVP.

Your guests can adhere to wedding RSVP etiquette by letting you know how many guests will be attending your ceremony, your reception or both. In many cases, it is good wedding RSVP etiquette to let you know who those guests will be. Your invited guests can also provide you with information on menu restrictions to ensure that your catering arrangements will work for each guest you invite to your wedding celebration.

While traditional wedding RSVP etiquette requires the production of insert cards that can be mailed back to you and your partner, modern wedding invitations typically link to RSVP websites that, paired with digital wedding invites, can make it simple and quick to collect wedding RSVP information and to compile it on your own wedding planning timeline. This can allow you and your partner to plan more effectively for your reception and ceremony and can ensure that the best time is had by all who attend your celebration.

RSVP Wedding Website Examples
Sofia Wedding Website
Sofia Wedding Website Sofia Wedding Website Sofia Wedding Website Sofia Wedding Website
Sofia Wedding Website
Sofia Wedding Website
Sofia Wedding Website
Sofia Wedding Website
Wedding Website
Sofia Wedding Website
Rowan Wedding Website
Rowan Wedding Website Rowan Wedding Website Rowan Wedding Website Rowan Wedding Website
Rowan Wedding Website
Rowan Wedding Website
Rowan Wedding Website
Rowan Wedding Website
Wedding Website
Rowan Wedding Website
Randall Wedding Website
Randall Wedding Website Randall Wedding Website Randall Wedding Website Randall Wedding Website
Randall Wedding Website
Randall Wedding Website
Randall Wedding Website
Randall Wedding Website
Wedding Website
Randall Wedding Website
Poppy Wedding Website
Poppy Wedding Website Poppy Wedding Website Poppy Wedding Website Poppy Wedding Website
Poppy Wedding Website
Poppy Wedding Website
Poppy Wedding Website
Poppy Wedding Website
Wedding Website
Poppy Wedding Website
Paloma Wedding Website
Paloma Wedding Website Paloma Wedding Website Paloma Wedding Website Paloma Wedding Website
Paloma Wedding Website
Paloma Wedding Website
Paloma Wedding Website
Paloma Wedding Website
Wedding Website
Paloma Wedding Website
Mason Wedding Website
Mason Wedding Website Mason Wedding Website Mason Wedding Website Mason Wedding Website
Mason Wedding Website
Mason Wedding Website
Mason Wedding Website
Mason Wedding Website
Wedding Website
Mason Wedding Website
Kieran Wedding Website
Kieran Wedding Website Kieran Wedding Website Kieran Wedding Website Kieran Wedding Website
Kieran Wedding Website
Kieran Wedding Website
Kieran Wedding Website
Kieran Wedding Website
Wedding Website
Kieran Wedding Website
Kaira Wedding Website
Kaira Wedding Website Kaira Wedding Website Kaira Wedding Website Kaira Wedding Website
Kaira Wedding Website
Kaira Wedding Website
Kaira Wedding Website
Kaira Wedding Website
Wedding Website
Kaira Wedding Website
Greens Wedding Website
Greens Wedding Website Greens Wedding Website Greens Wedding Website Greens Wedding Website
Greens Wedding Website
Greens Wedding Website
Greens Wedding Website
Greens Wedding Website
Wedding Website
Greens Wedding Website
Cybil Wedding Website
Cybil Wedding Website Cybil Wedding Website Cybil Wedding Website Cybil Wedding Website
Cybil Wedding Website
Cybil Wedding Website
Cybil Wedding Website
Cybil Wedding Website
Wedding Website
Cybil Wedding Website
Carmel Wedding Website
Carmel Wedding Website Carmel Wedding Website Carmel Wedding Website Carmel Wedding Website
Carmel Wedding Website
Carmel Wedding Website
Carmel Wedding Website
Carmel Wedding Website
Wedding Website
Carmel Wedding Website

When to Tell Guests About Your RSVP Wedding Website and Other Wedding Plans

Another major topic is when to let your guests know to RSVP for your wedding. There are several things to know about how to schedule out these important tasks in the leadup to celebrating your wedding. We will go over a schedule of what to do and when to inform your guests below.

Follow these steps and you will be well on your way to a relatively stress-free wedding planning process:

  1. Determine your budget. Talk with your partner and any other wedding “stakeholders” to discuss how much you are comfortable paying for every vendor and need for your celebration. This is a crucial first step, as it will inform all of the other decisions you make for your major life event.

  2. Hire a wedding planner. This is an optional step, but one that is highly recommended among people in the wedding industry. A professional planner can help you make practically any decision, and make sure it is aligned with your budget and overall vision. Your planner could even help you manage your wedding website with RSVP functionality.

  3. Book your venue and set your wedding date. Now, it is time to do the essentials for your celebration, and that involves deciding on the where and when of it all. Research your favorite venues in the city (or cities) where you want to host your wedding, and then schedule a few tours. Walk through the venues with your partner and decide which one really speaks to you. Once you have found “the one,” see if they have a date of your choosing available and then put down your deposit. From there, you can really start thinking about your wedding stationery, including RSVP wedding websites.

  4. Build out your RSVP wedding website. Before anything, we highly recommend organizing your wedding website with RSVP functionality. In addition to the key response feature, you will also want to include important details, a schedule of events, recommendations for what guests should do before and after your wedding and much more. You will not necessarily use the wedding website RSVP feature quite yet, but you can set up a page for that in the meantime.

  5. Design your Save the Dates. Wedding Save the Dates are online or printed, and most of them should include your link to RSVP wedding websites. While guests typically do not submit an RSVP during this time in the process, you can set it up so you will have a hassle-free experience when your invites go out. These are usually sent about six to 12 months before your wedding day.

  6. Send out your wedding invitations. You can find wedding invitations that match your RSVP wedding website and Save the Dates within our collections. This is where our wedding websites RSVP feature really comes into play. Whether you send your invites electronically or through the mail, you can easily include a link to your wedding website with RSVP details. Generally, these are sent out six to eight weeks before your event, giving guests enough time to use the wedding website RSVP feature before you finalize your guest list. You should recommend that guests head over to your RSVP wedding website and submit their responses about two to three weeks before.

  7. Watch as the RSVPs roll in. Of course, you have a lot to do in the eight weeks leading up to your big day. But, one of the most fun things to do is review wedding websites for RSVP. At Bliss & Bone, you can check your list and see which guests are available, plus any additional information. With their wedding website RSVP, guests can inform you of any allergy restrictions, members of their party who cannot attend and more.

  8. Finalize your guest list and set up a seating chart. RSVP wedding websites will tell you the exact number of people attending, and once all guests have responded, you need to set up every table. Choose the people sitting with you and your partner, whether you want a sweetheart table and the size and format of every one. Thanks to handy wedding websites for RSVP, it is easier than ever to finalize your guest list and make those finishing touches on your reception setup.

These are just a few of the many logistical items you need to “check” off of your to-do list as your wedding approaches. And thanks to wedding websites RSVP details are efficiently acquired and accessible to you, your partner, planner and anyone else involved in handling the final guest list. All of these steps are connected, so make sure you follow each one through as you get closer to your celebration.

How RSVP Wedding Websites Work

Traditional printed wedding invitations include wedding RSVP cards that are inserted into the wedding invitation itself. These wedding RSVP cards are filled out by guests and mailed back to the couple to let them know who can attend and what arrangements should be made to ensure the comfort and happiness of their wedding guests.

RSVP wedding websites are a relatively new addition to the wedding world and are most often paired with digital wedding invites. A link can be provided in the wedding invite to your wedding RSVP website, which will contain a form for your guests to fill out. Some of the most common questions on this form will include the following:

  • Do you plan to attend?
  • How many guests will be attending from your household?
  • Do any invited guests have dietary restrictions or allergies?
  • For plated meals, what entrée is requested for each guest?

By offering a link to your wedding RSVP website on your digital invitation, you can collect your wedding RSVPs easily in a digital form. This can allow you to plan much more efficiently for your upcoming wedding. By ensuring that your guests can submit the wedding invitation RSVP online, you can also make it easier and more convenient to respond for those invited to share in your special day.

Even if you plan to send traditional printed wedding invitations for your ceremony and reception, you can still take advantage of the convenience made possible by RSVP wedding websites. By providing an insert card with a link to your wedding RSVP website, you can direct your guests to respond with their wedding RSVP online. By creating the best wedding websites for RSVPs, you and your partner can simplify the response process for your guests.

Why You Need the Best Wedding RSVP Website

Creating wedding websites for RSVP submissions can provide you with some important benefits. These RSVP websites are designed specifically to allow your guests to respond to your wedding invitation online. This can eliminate postage costs for stamped cards that could go astray in the mail. RSVP websites take the guesswork out of the process of determining how many guests you can expect to attend your wedding reception and ceremony.

Creating RSVP websites can also provide the same benefits as traditional wedding websites for you and your partner. Your RSVP wedding website can provide information that is not appropriate to include on your invite, including details about locations, venues, transportation, wedding registries and scheduled events. You can also include a section about you and your partner to explain how you met and to tell a little bit about your love story for your invited guests.

At Bliss & Bone, we make it simple and easy to create an RSVP website for weddings and to accept wedding invitation RSVPs online. We can provide you with examples of fun RSVP wording and classic RSVP wedding websites that can allow you to streamline and simplify your planning process. If you need wedding websites that will allow you to accept wedding RSVPs online, we are your best source for elegant and customized RSVP wedding website options that will work for you.

Building Personalized RSVP Wedding Websites

At Bliss & Bone, we make it easy to create RSVP wedding websites that are tailored to suit your needs. Our easy-to-use wedding RSVP template options can be customized with any of the backgrounds we offer and can be combined with announcements for your wedding website to ensure that you can enjoy all the benefits possible from your RSVP website for weddings. Here are some of the basic steps necessary to create the best wedding RSVP website on the Bliss & Bone site:

  1. Start with a template: Finding a wedding RSVP template that will allow you to send your wedding invitation online RSVP digitally will be one of the first steps in planning your stationery suite.
  2. Choose images and backgrounds: You can use the same elegant backgrounds and images for your RSVP website, your invitation, your website announcement and many other facets of your communications suite. This can create a cohesive and pulled-together look and feel for all aspects of your website and other printed and digital stationery.
  3. Decide on your wording: Whether you want whimsical and fun RSVP wording or a more formal approach for your wedding invitation online RSVP forms, the words and fonts you choose will make a real impact on the appearance and appeal of your wedding RSVP website. You and your partner can work together to create RSVP websites that 
  4. Add the features you want: Like other websites, wedding websites with RSVP functionality usually consist of multiple pages. When creating an RSVP website for weddings, adding the ability to accept wedding RSVPs online can save you time and effort in managing RSVPs. Because these responses are delivered online through a form you design, you can ensure that your RSVP website delivers the important information you need to plan your wedding more effectively. Building the best wedding websites for RSVP functions is easy with help from Bliss & Bone.
  5. Include vital information: Guests visit RSVP websites to respond to invitations and to access the latest information about weddings. Making sure your website includes information on your venue, catering arrangements, transportation and accommodations can take some of the guesswork out of attending your wedding for your guests. This can make RSVP wedding websites even more useful for you and for your invited wedding guests.
  6. Test your website: It is important to test RSVP wedding websites before they go live. This will include sending a test invitation, if applicable, and responding to an RSVP request on your RSVP website and making sure that it registers properly and is counted. By testing the functionality of your wedding RSVP online, you can ensure the best experience for your guests.
  7. Engage some security: Including login protections and security for your RSVP wedding websites is essential to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information. At Bliss & Bone, we offer security options for the RSVP websites we host to help you manage tiered access or other ways to allow your guests to access these RSVP websites while keeping them private.
  8. Send your invitations: Whether you choose printed wedding invites or paperless invitations sent by email, Bliss & Bone makes it easy to connect these invitations to RSVP websites designed to your precise specifications.
  9. Don't forget to update your website: If any aspect of your wedding changes, it is important to include this information on your RSVP websites to make sure that all guests are aware of these adjustments. This can allow you to stay in contact with your guests while managing the planning process for your once-in-a-lifetime wedding day.

At Bliss & Bone, our easy-to-navigate interface makes it simple to incorporate RSVP functionality into your wedding website. We offer affordable and completely customizable website options to make your wedding even more special.

Here’s how it works: If you are interested in setting up a wedding website with RSVP pages through Bliss & Bone, you can do so by navigating to the Website Editor and then the Dashboard. From there, the icon with a “+” will allow you to add a new page for your RSVP wedding website. There are four options available, but you will want to select the RSVP wedding website page specifically. After that, you can easily customize wedding websites with RSVP. 

With Bliss & Bone’s RSVP wedding websites, you also aren’t limited to one event. If you want to invite guests to a rehearsal dinner, welcome party, post-wedding brunch or other related event, you can do so by adding an event to your RSVP wedding website page. With all RSVP wedding websites at Bliss & Bone, you’ll automatically have an event page waiting for customization. However, if you need to add more, you can simply click “+ Event.” Our team recommends creating one of these for each event you have planned during your celebration weekend. 

From there, you can ask all of the custom questions you want guests to answer on your RSVP wedding website. There is also the option to add a contact form, which will allow your guests to contact you through your wedding website with RSVP. To complete this step, click on the “+ Question” button and you’ll have two options: dropdown or custom. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding RSVPs and RSVP Websites

You or your guests may have some questions about online wedding RSVP options. You may be wondering about the right wording on how to RSVP to a wedding invitation by email, what is the M for on an RSVP card, how to use a wedding RSVP template and how to create the best wedding RSVP website for your needs. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the wedding RSVP process:

What is the right wording on how to RSVP to a wedding invitation by email?

You can often take your cues from the wedding invitation wording when sending your wedding RSVP. In general, you should respond with the number of guests who plan to attend and the meal choices of those guests in a polite and easy-to-understand way.

What is the M for on an RSVP card?

The M on your wedding RSVP is a placeholder for a title, usually Mr., Mrs. or Ms. If you do not wish to fill out the preferred title, it is acceptable to leave the M in place when returning your wedding RSVPs through RSVP websites or when mailing the card back to the happy couple.

How does a wedding RSVP template work?

At Bliss & Bone, we offer a full range of tools and templates to help you create RSVP wedding websites, invitations and other elements of your wedding stationery. Our wedding RSVP template options are designed to make it easy to fill in your information, add images and backgrounds and find the right fonts to create the perfect invites, wedding RSVP cards and other elements of your online or printed wedding stationery.

What information should be included on a wedding invitation online RSVP card?

You will need a link to your wedding websites for digital wedding RSVP functionality. For printed RSVP cards, you can also include a link to eliminate the delays associated with mail delivery. In general, you will need to know the number of guests, the dietary requirements of those guests and, where possible, the names of the guests. You can also provide information through wedding websites about child care arrangements, reserved blocks of rooms at local hotels and transportation arrangements. Links to this information can be included with your request for a wedding RSVP online.

How can I build the best wedding website for RSVPs?

At Bliss & Bone, we make it easy with templates and tools that can help you create the most elegant RSVP wedding websites. We also offer an unparalleled selection of wedding backgrounds and images that can help you find the perfect inspiration for the RSVP wedding website you need for your upcoming nuptial celebration.

How to Create a Custom URL for Your RSVP Wedding Website

Most RSVP wedding websites give you some sort of URL, but many couples want to totally customize this aspect. If you want to change up the existing URL (for example, to make it a new, personalized domain (like, you need to head over to a custom domain purchasing site like GoDaddy. Search the specific domain you want, and then purchase it. Some start at just $0.01 for your first year.

Once you have purchased your own custom domain, you will want to go into the settings for your wedding website with RSVP and adjust it. This will involve editing the IP address and going from there. You can review how to do this for Bliss & Bones RSVP wedding websites for even more details and important information.  

Whichever URL you decide on for your wedding websites for RSVP, ensure that you have all of the accurate information. Sometimes, couples will forget to review a proof and not realize that they have not included the correct URL. Double- and triple-check your details, including that URL, since it will lead guests to your wedding information hub. Guests will go back to this site for general event information, frequently asked questions, transportation details and so much more. To streamline their experience, it is crucial that you have the exact URL verified prior to sending out Save the Dates and invites.

An iPad, iPhone and laptop screen displaying a botanical inspired wedding website and online RSVP form

Finding Coordinating Stationery for Your RSVP Wedding Websites 

Your RSVP wedding website is among the first tasks you will want to accomplish, and it can really set the tone for the remaining must-haves in your stationery suite. This may seem like a small part of your wedding planning process, but it may help you make design decisions along the way. There are so many styles and color schemes to choose from, so you want to take note of everything else that can (and should) coordinate with these RSVP wedding websites.

To give you a better idea, here are a few of the digital and paper goods you need:

  • Save the Dates: Details about when and where your wedding will be held. This is likely the first piece of your wedding that will be visible to your beloved guests.

  • Formal invitations: The official invite to your wedding, which will include some sort of wedding website RSVP or paper RSVP card.

  • Rehearsal dinner invitations: If you (or loved ones) are planning on hosting a rehearsal dinner the night before your wedding, you will want to design a cohesive rehearsal dinner invitation. Plus, you could even use your wedding websites RSVP feature for this particular event.

  • Wedding menus: To bring it all together, wedding menu templates can be designed to match all of your stationery. These feature your wedding meal, usually course by course.

  • Wedding logos: You can create your own custom logo or monogram that matches or coordinates with your aesthetic. This may include your and your partner’s first names, new last name, wedding date and even a graphic. You can feature this throughout your wedding decor, to add even more cohesion to your design plan.

  • Signage and place cards: You can match your wedding welcome signs, place cards for reception tables and more by reviewing your stationery suite and finding coordinating designs and fonts.

These are a few of the many stationery and signage needs you will have for your upcoming celebration. By purchasing them within the same collection, you will have a cohesive, aesthetically pleasing set of paper and digital pieces. These should all match your decor and overall vision, so there is consistency you and your guests will appreciate and love. At Bliss & Bone, you can curate a custom set by finding inspiration from our existing templates or creating your very own.

Matching Your RSVP Wedding Website to Your Wedding Theme

Making sure that all elements of your wedding conform to your theme, including your RSVP websites, can allow you to create the perfect online resources for your guests. RSVP wedding websites can use the same backgrounds, images and fonts as those chosen for your invitations. Finding ways to reflect your theme in wedding websites for RSVPs can allow you to create a cohesive look for all elements of your wedding. Here are some clever ways to incorporate your wedding theme into RSVP websites:

  • Outdoor and beach weddings: If you are planning a breezy and casual wedding, incorporating beach themes into your RSVP website can help you to create the best wedding websites for RSVP functionality and overall atmosphere. This can set the stage for your upcoming wedding and can give guests an idea of what to expect from your ceremony and reception.
  • Mountain scenery: Another outdoor theme that is popular for RSVP wedding websites incorporates mountain ranges and stark architectural designs to create a truly modern look for your wedding RSVP website.
  • Green and natural weddings: If you and your partner love nature and the great outdoors, backgrounds and images that feature foliage can be a great match for your RSVP websites and green wedding invitations. By incorporating greenery into your wedding decor and your website, you can make a real impression for guests who choose to make their wedding invitation RSVP online.
  • Floral weddings: Traditional and classic weddings are the perfect opportunity to incorporate floral images into your wedding RSVP website and other elements of your stationery. This can also present a beautiful and elegant look for invited guests who are visiting your website to return their wedding invitation online RSVP.
  • Muted and pastel themes: If you prefer an understated look for your wedding decor, pastel color schemes can be a great choice for your wedding RSVP website. This can also present an elegant look for your guests when they return their wedding RSVP online and can create a unified theme that will tie all aspects of your wedding together. For more ideas, engaged couples often gravitate toward pink wedding invitations.
  • Vintage wedding themes: You can find so many templates that will reflect vintage flair in your wedding invitation online RSVP. Finding items with deckle edges, vintage-looking stamps and more can all reflect this particular party theme. Vintage weddings can reflect almost any decade in the past as well. For instance, you can find templates with a more retro style for a 60s or 70s vibe, or go back to the roaring 20s with more Gatsby-inspired design ideas. 
  • Modern-minimalist wedding themes: There are modern-minimalist weddings happening all over the world. From modern art museums to classic event spaces, you can use specific color palettes and decor to convey this theme. When it comes to RSVP wedding websites, you can also find virtual templates that reflect this top style choice among wedding couples. Color palettes that are popular include black and white and grayscale, but pops of color work too.
  • Season-inspired wedding themes: If you are getting married in a place that really shows off the season, you can choose a wedding theme that reflects that. Think a winter wonderland celebration or brightly colored palette for a spring soiree. However and whenever you get married, you can match your RSVP websites and stationery design ideas to the colors and elements of the season. With this in mind, you can also find templates for RSVP websites that showcase these on-theme concepts and ideas. 
  • Colorful wedding themes: You can really tell a story through colors, and that applies to your RSVP website as well. Try to think about the colors at the venue, colors that contribute to the season and so much more as you weigh your options. There are plenty of opportunities to incorporate color into an RSVP website, Save the Date and other stationery must-haves. 
  • Formal wedding themes: Even the most classic, formal events can have coordinating RSVP wedding websites. If you are hosting a more traditional event, there are plenty of RSVP website templates that will perfectly coordinate. Some of the key aspects include all white florals and metallic accents, so you should seek those out as you explore the various templates available. You can explore RSVP wedding websites, for instance, that prioritize white space and feature embossed-looking text that could show a metallic like gold or silver.
  • Rustic wedding themes: From boho-chic event spaces to mountain ranges, there are a variety of venues for a rustic wedding. For RSVP wedding websites that showcase this theme, seek out templates that have warm or deep tones—including reds, oranges and greens. And once you have found the best idea for your wedding websites RSVP, you can move on to looking for Save the Dates, invites and more to round out your stationery suite.
  • Boho weddings: If you're interested in a perennial favorite for couples who want a whimsical, romantic aesthetic that allows you to connect to nature, this is it. There are near-countless boho wedding websites for RSVP, many of which feature warmer tones (think pinks, oranges and reds) and items like pampas grass, cacti and more. 
  • Victorian-era wedding themes: RSVP wedding websites might showcase elements that harken back to the Victorian era, which falls in the mid to late 1800s. This time period and the weddings associated with it involve oversized skirts, lace and lots of drama when it comes to fashion. 
  • Coquette weddings: It's possible these could start trending, especially with the emergence of this style on TikTok and other social media platforms. This aesthetic encourages dainty bows, pearls and other feminine accents. If you are building a RSVP wedding website with this concept in mind, you will want to pair your design with a bow detail. 
  • Black and white weddings: Here's one of the most popular and iconic types of events. There are so many routes to go with a black and white wedding: modern-minimalist, retro, classic and more all apply here. For your RSVP wedding websites, consider anything that features bold black and white designs.
  • Country weddings: These types of weddings are all about a comforting, outdoorsy feel that brings your loved ones together. You can lean into a western, Yellowstone-esque decor and attire, or you can look into wedding venues that will match the aesthetic. Places like barns and farms are the ideal spaces to host a country wedding. For your RSVP wedding websites, think about how you can incorporate this particular theme onto the pages. A few thoughtstarters include wildflowers you might find in the countryside, steer horn decor and more.

At Bliss & Bone, we can help you create RSVP wedding websites that mesh with your overall wedding decor. We offer the tools and the interfaces you need to create an RSVP website and wedding stationery theme that suits your needs and your budget perfectly.

How Much Do RSVP Wedding Websites Cost?

Weddings cost an average of about $34,000, which accounts for all the various elements of your wedding from catering to wedding rings. Venue rental costs and catering make up the lion's share of the expenses associated with your upcoming wedding. Printed invitations can sometimes be expensive as well.

The cost of your RSVP wedding website, however, is unlikely to break the bank. In most cases, you will pay a specific amount for the first year of service for your RSVP website. Extras like a custom URL or foreign language support may cost extra in some cases. Additionally, you will be charged by the year or another unit of time for your RSVP wedding website. Since your website can be used after marriage to stay in touch with your wedding guests and to keep them updated on your activities, creating beautiful and practical RSVP websites can allow you to continue to use these online resources for as long as you wish to pay for them.

RSVP websites are a convenient source of information for your guests, which can make them a great way to let people know about changes or adjustments to your wedding plans. Since most guests pay around $1,000 for each wedding they attend for gifts, transportation and accommodations, making sure your guests have access to the information they need through your RSVP website for weddings can make their investment of time and money much more appealing.

While other elements of your wedding may be the bulk of your overall wedding cost, RSVP wedding websites remain affordable for most couples. At Bliss & Bone, we make it easy to create RSVP websites to help guests send wedding invitation online RSVPs quickly and easily. Our tools and interfaces are designed to inspire the best wedding websites for RSVP functionality and for all other uses of these versatile online resources.

Comparing the Standard and Premium Subscriptions for RSVP Wedding Websites

For context, Bliss & Bone has two different subscriptions for RSVP wedding websites. A standard subscription is $12 per month, and a premium—complete with bonus wedding websites RSVP offerings—is $18 per month. Some of these premium features include adding more privacy to your RSVP wedding website and limiting RSVPs, among other pros. While these are not free wedding websites with RSVP features, there is an opportunity to test before you purchase them. You can also try the wedding websites for RSVP free for seven days. Plus, take a look at our Premium RSVP Sample to get an idea of what you can expect from this particular service. Free wedding websites with RSVP functionality are popular for some couples. However, if you want more advanced features, high-design elements and the convenience of our team’s resources and help, you can’t go wrong with Bliss & Bone’s RSVP wedding websites. 

Below, we’re sharing the perks of the premium subscription for RSVP wedding websites: 

  1. Restricting access to contacts. Putting up a restriction to access your contacts allows you to have even more personalization with RSVP wedding websites. Premium subscribers can visit the Website Editor and then go to the URL & Settings section. Then, turn on Restrict Access to My Contacts. This will immediately signal guests to login with their name or email, and then they will see their RSVP form. It will be preloaded with their names and each of the guests in their party. Without this feature, guests will have the option to click on the button that says, “add invited guest.” The Standard feature for wedding websites with RSVP is optional and removable for Premium subscribers.
  2. Using groups for private events. This is a big bonus for anyone who is hosting several events that not all of their guests are invited to. For example, if you are only inviting your and your partner’s immediate families and the wedding party to your rehearsal dinner, you can send them an invitation without notifying other wedding guests through Bliss & Bone wedding websites with RSVP services. You can do this by tagging specific guests for each event you are hosting before, during or after the wedding. 
  3. Creating a multi-language website. If you have guests who speak another language, you can use the Premium settings to set up your details in a specific language as a “private event.” With this RSVP wedding websites feature, your guests can login and immediately read everything in their native language. 

If you want to upgrade or downgrade your subscription, you will need to visit the “My Account” section and then navigate to “My Websites.” At the bottom of the RSVP wedding websites thumbnail, you’ll see “subscription. This will take you to the page where you can manage and ultimately change your subscription. It should be noted that if you downgrade, you may lose Premium-level images and other features. For all Premium images, those will automatically be replaced by a gray color. 

There are plenty of pros to both the Standard and Premium subscriptions, but you should consider your priorities in the process of deciding which one of these wedding websites for RSVP is right for you, your partner and your wedding day. You can always test it out with a free trial, and be sure to review your wedding website with RSVP before you share the link with your guests. 

Your wedding budget will contribute to the decision about which type of wedding website to select, which is why it’s important to remember that roughly 2 percent is typically assigned to stationery. Your RSVP wedding website will fall into this category, so it’s crucial that you discuss everything with your partner, planner and anyone else who can contribute to this conversation. 

How to Track Responses on RSVP Wedding Websites

Once you have decided on your RSVP wedding websites subscription level, you can track your guests’ responses by visiting the Website Editor page and then My RSVPs. If you’re not seeing all of the information, you may need to use the event dropdown to see more specific details about guests’ RSVPs to your celebration and all of its related gatherings. Here are a few other functionalities offered by Bliss & Bone’s wedding websites with RSVP:

  • Deleting a RSVP: If you need to remove a guest’s wedding websites RSVP, select the checkbox next to their name, then delete and confirm your request. This step may be required if you accidentally added a guest twice or uninvited a guest. 
  • Resetting RSVPs: If you need to start over on collecting a wedding websites RSVP for each guest, there is a reset button. However, this is final and you will not have access to previous responses in the future. 
  • Editing a RSVP: You may need to access your wedding website with RSVP on behalf of a guest or party of guests. If that’s the case, you can edit it directly or login as one of your guests to submit their responses for them. Just make sure you’ve let them know that you did this, so you can avoid any confusion when they’re trying to submit their RSVPs.

There are so many things that come with RSVP wedding websites, as they allow you to connect with your guests virtually. If your guests run into issues while attempting to login, you can always test their login to ensure they’re filling in the correct information. Otherwise, you can review your My Contacts section to make sure you input their details without any errors while setting up your wedding website with RSVP. 

Alternatives to Wedding Websites With RSVP Functionality 

If you do not connect your online invite to your wedding websites RSVP notices will be collected from the digital card itself. Unlike RSVP wedding websites, online wedding invitations from Bliss & Bone are best for couples who do not want to ask detailed questions. The only question it will ask your guests is whether or not they will attend. Your guests will also only collect the number of guests within each party who are planning to attend your celebration. 

By contrast, RSVP wedding websites ask for individuals’ specific names. For example, an online invite with RSVP shows you that three out of four guests in a party are attending, while a wedding website with RSVP will specify that John, Jane and Jack will attend and Jill won’t be able to make it. 

If you are curious to see what it looks like to compare this concept to wedding websites for RSVP, you can look at an example here. In general, if you are hosting a small wedding with no events before or after, it might make more sense to collect “yes” or “no” responses through your invite. However, if you want to ask your guests more questions about their attendance, meal preferences and more, RSVP wedding websites are the best choice. 

There are also paper RSVPs, which will require the use of the mail system and additional fees related to printing and sending out your invitations and RSVP cards. There is more human error involved in this idea, but it is one traditional alternative to RSVP wedding websites. You and your partner should weigh these options before eventually deciding whether or not to use a wedding website with RSVP intake forms and other capabilities. 

Why You Should Consider Adding a Custom Logo or Monogram to RSVP Wedding Websites

If you are interested in exploring more ways to customize RSVP wedding websites, an excellent solution is a custom logo or monogram. These are designs that feature your and your partner’s names or initials, your wedding date, some sort of drawing and anything else you would like to include. Bliss & Bone will pair you with a design expert, who will get to work on your project and find different ways to connect your logo or monogram to the rest of your stationery suite. 

Want to learn even more about this offering from Bliss & Bone? Here is how the process works for those who want to add a logo to their RSVP wedding website. 

  1. Look through a variety of logo options and see which one you love most. Think about your chosen wedding website with RSVP, Save the Date ideas and more as you consider which one to order. There are several templates that will work for your RSVP wedding website.

  2. Decide how and where you want to use your wedding logo. Do you envision using your custom logo in your wedding websites RSVP and other Bliss & Bone products? Or would you prefer to use it on every aspect of your wedding. Many couples love the idea of incorporating their wedding logo or monogram on their aisle runner, cocktail napkins and signage that appears at the reception. With that, you can decide whether you want your logo or monogram used on Bliss & Bone’s products only, elsewhere or both. 

  3. Fill in your text. Next, you need to add in the copy you want to feature in the design to the bank that says, “Your Text.” 

  4. Add to your cart. Purchase your logo or monogram and then wait to hear back from the designer working on this project. You should hear back from them with a proof of the design within two business days. 

  5. Submit your approval. You will receive one revision with your order. So, if you are not satisfied with the first round, you can request another from the designer. From there, you can approve the final proof and get to work. You can start adding your logo to anything from RSVP wedding websites to cocktail napkins. 

This is the process that many couples will go through to design their own custom logo or monogram. The result? A totally unique design that is used on everything from RSVP wedding websites to one-of-a-kind signage. Think about how you want to use your logo or monogram as you make these additional stationery decisions.

What to Do After You Have Received Guests’ Wedding RSVPs

So, what happens after your guests fill out their responses on RSVP wedding websites? When your guests respond virtually, you will be able to review it all on your RSVP wedding website. You can check your RSVP website periodically, or around the time that you asked your guests to submit them by (usually two to three weeks before the big day). 

At this point in your wedding planning timeline, you want to make sure everyone has responded. If there are a few guests who have not yet used your wedding invitation online RSVP,  you and your partner might need to do some outreach. Call or send a friendly text or email to check in. While this might feel daunting, it could give you and your partner a fun opportunity to catch up with some of your favorite people. Once you have everyone’s responses confirmed, you need to do a little bit of work.

Here’s what couples need to do in the leadup to your event, after guests have used their RSVP wedding websites:

  • Send over a final guest count to all of the relevant vendors. Namely, your caterer, venue coordinator and planner. The caterer will need to know exactly how many plates or dishes need to be served, the venue coordinator could ensure that there is an appropriate number of ceremony and reception chairs, and your planner should be apprised of, well, everything. 

  • Decide where you and your partner are sitting. Once guests have reviewed your RSVP wedding websites, you should think about how everyone will be seated. First things first, where do you and your partner want to sit? You have a few options: A sweetheart table, which includes only the two of you, a table with your wedding party or a table with your family or friends. Try and imagine how you want it all to look, and then go from there.

  • Choose between assigned seats or tables. After you understand where you will go at the reception, you need to decide where all of your guests will head after the cocktail hour. You can assign them a specific seat and take full control over the seating chart, or you can simply give them a table name or number and give each person the opportunity to choose their seat. The former idea will require more work on your end, so try and decide what will work best for you.

  • Create a display chart. One of the more fun, creative parts of your celebration is sharing where your guests will be seated at the reception. Traditionally, this is displayed on a large sign during cocktail hour and for years, couples have come up with the most unique ideas. From a world map with tables assigned to specific destinations to a table full of shots with names and seating assignments on each, there are so many display chart ideas you will absolutely love.

The month before your wedding is admittedly quite hectic, but RSVP wedding websites can help you a lot. You are fielding calls from vendors, making last-minute decisions and much more. With that, you do not want to forget about reviewing and confirming responses from RSVP wedding websites. By keeping all of these important guest details organized in your wedding website with RSVP, you can take a lot of the guesswork out of the process. 

The Best Wedding RSVP Websites From Bliss & Bone

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