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Creating Your Own Save the Dates With the Experts at Bliss & Bone

First things first: Congratulations are in order—you and your partner are tying the knot! With so much excitement surrounding you, it is easy to feel overwhelmed about the next steps leading up to your wedding celebration. And while you have likely shared the happy engagement news with your loved ones, there are some formalities and logistics needed prior to your big day. For example, the first form of communication delivered to your invited guests is your Save the Dates.

Save the Dates give the must-have details about your wedding, and they get your guests ready to organize themselves. Plus, Save the Dates invites can also serve as a primer or window into your wedding aesthetic. This guide will walk you through every step of designing your Save the Dates—and beyond. From Save the Date images to the etiquette you should consider when it comes to stationery, this is all the information you need to know from the experts at Bliss & Bone. With years of experience in the wedding industry, we are here to help you imagine the Save the Dates (and wedding!) of your dreams.

What are Save the Dates?

Before getting into the nitty gritty of Save the Dates, let’s first define them. Save the Dates are the first “formal” heads up about your wedding. You can make them as simple or elaborate as you want, but the key is that the Save the Date text shares two main pieces of information: Where and when your wedding is happening. There are two main formats for Save the Dates—digital and print—and we will cover the main differences and benefits of each option. 

If you are hosting a full wedding week or weekend, your Save the Dates should mention that as well. That is why more couples are opting for Save the Date text like “Save the Weekend” to indicate that guests will need to make time for multiple days of events. Your Save the Dates should also include a link to your wedding website, which will ultimately serve as the main information hub for your special event. In most cases, your wedding website will also link to your registry, so guests can start looking at that as soon as they receive your Save the Dates.

How Far in Advance Do You Send Save the Dates?

Now, it is time to discuss the “when” of your Save the Dates. If you are curious about how far in advance do you send Save the Dates, we recommend turning to the etiquette experts. According to the go-to experts at The Emily Post Institute, you should send out your Save the Dates invites three to six months before your wedding date—if not, even earlier. Some experts argue that you should even send your Save the Dates as early as eight months to a year in advance, especially if you are hosting a destination wedding. 

To determine how far in advance do you send Save the Dates, think about your guest list. Are a lot of your family and friends local, or do they need to travel to your wedding? Giving guests enough time to take time off, arrange child- or pet-care and book flights and hotels will increase the chances that they will be able to attend. Keep this in mind as you develop your wedding timeline and map out when to send your Save the Dates and other pieces of stationery. As a rule of thumb, try and inform your guests as soon as you know where and when your event is happening. Your loved ones have a lot going on throughout the year, and sending out your invites ASAP will be the best thing for you, your partner and your guests.

Examples of the Best Save the Dates

If you are curious to see the different options for Save the Dates, there are plenty of examples available online. With Save the Date images from Bliss & Bone, you can review potential templates that you can completely customize. Later on, we will walk you through exactly how to edit every type of design available on our site. 

Seeing the best examples is the ultimate way to locate the absolute best Save the Dates for you and your partner. For more unique Save the Dates ideas, check out our list of favorites below. These are wide-ranging, but all of them are popular among wedding couples right now.

Classic Save the Dates Invites: Whether you want a more minimalist aesthetic for your wedding decor or simply want a standard starting point, classic Save the Dates work for practically any couple and event style. These are romantic and wide-ranging, so you can find the best and most unique Save the Dates for you and your partner. The ultimate example of this is our Blair Save the Date, which features muted tones of white and black and has a beautifully understated approach.

Tropical Save the Dates Invites: Set your guests’ clocks to island time with tropical Save the Dates. Complete with greenery, particularly Monstera leaves and palm fronds, these templates are all you need to translate the style and setting of your upcoming celebration. From modern-minimalist designs, like the Brando, to more boho templates, like the Poppy, there are so many varieties of this specific category. If you are getting married on or near the beach, or in some sort of tropical paradise, these are the Save the Dates you have to design.

Floral Save the Dates Invites: Are flowers near the top of your priority list for wedding vendors? If so, it totally makes sense to design your Save the Dates with floral accents and greenery. Modern, rustic or moody, these Save the Dates are perfect additions to your ultra-romantic stationery suite. For a more vintage-inspired, boho formatting, the Amelia Save the Dates are perfect. Or you might love a black and white option, such as the Brigitte Save the Dates. You can find brightly colored, colorless (aka black and white) and everything in between on our site. There are even template options with a shadow overlay that provides a look of floral accents without actually showing flowers or greenery. 

Boho Save the Dates Invites: Connect to nature through your boho Save the Dates, which can seamlessly complement your decor. In general, these unique Save the Dates come with muted, neutral tones, floral or botanical accents and more. One example of this is the Grace Save the Dates, which comes with deckle edge paper (or the appearance of this style of paper!) and delicate florals. As an alternative, the Hayden Save the Dates come with a paper covered in bunched up peonies that immediately provide a cozy, boho feel. These invites are often associated with rustic or beach weddings as well.

Rustic Save the Dates Invites: Similar to the boho aesthetic, rustic Save the Dates are all about perfectly imperfect designs with a tie to natural elements. You can have a modern design with rustic twists, like the Carter Save the Dates, which feature a piece of wood. This type of Save the Date would be ideal for a modern-minimalist, rustic event in the woods or forest. A more traditional option in this category could also be the Austen Save the Dates, which have that classic deckle edge paper and neutral shades of gold and gray.

Vintage Save the Dates Invites: From finding dreamy antiques for your ceremony decor to customizing Save the Dates with a similar vibe, the vintage aesthetic is always trending in the wedding industry. With that, vintage Save the Dates attract couples who want a slightly rustic, mostly classic event. You might see the deckle edges—which are often found in rustic and boho templates too—script fonts, florals and more that ring true to this category. The Serena Save the Dates are just one example of this, as it features the deckle edges, floral accents and a beautiful script font with the couple’s first names. 

Minimalist Save the Dates Invites: The advice we always love is to keep it simple. Not only is this a great recommendation for overwhelmed overthinkers, it is a perennial favorite style among wedding couples, event planners and more. This is a super chic way to make you and your partner the focal point as well. Typically, minimalist Save the Dates feature a modern, serif font and black and white combinations. For instance, the Aubrey design creates email Save the Dates that have the appearance of a transparent paper with the couple’s first initials and a simple summary of the where and when for their event. Or you can choose a minimalist style with tropical accents, like the Beckett Save the Dates.

Modern Save the Dates Invites: Minimalist and modern are often combined with the modern-minimalist aesthetic. Another trending design option, these modern Save the Dates are all about boldness, simplicity and on-trend symbols. One of our go-to Save the Dates in this category is the Shira template. The bright cobalt of the paper on these email Save the Dates give the design a more modern feel, and it provides a unique contrast with the classic text styling. Another more floral, romantic approach to this category is the Aiden Save the Dates. With this template, you can even get inspired to customize your own logo or monogram.

Photo Save the Dates Invites: One of the best ways to immediately personalize your Save the Dates is by adding a photo. Save the Date images can come from a recent engagement photo shoot, an old favorite of you and your partner, one with your furry friend or even your venue. However and whatever you want to highlight in your Save the Dates invites, there are plenty of options available. For rustic Save the Date images, check out the Tara Photo template. This one features a burnt orange shade with botanical accents, making it ideal for a woodsy celebration. And if you are interested in a modern-minimalist style, look no further than the Brie template. With a chic, bold serif font and your choice of Save the Date images, it will send a clear, personal message to your guests.

At the end of the day, there is practically no limit to the types of Save the Dates you can whip up with the experts at Bliss & Bone. From pretty and pink printed cards to black and white online Save the Dates, there are plenty of invitation templates to match any idea or aesthetic you might have. It is important to tell your wedding story in your own special way, and we look forward to seeing how you take advantage of this freedom when it comes to your Save the Dates.

Save the Date Text Samples to Inspire Your Own Special Invites

You can simply write the classic “Save the Date” text, there are so many wording options to choose from here. For instance, if you are planning a destination wedding or multi-day celebration, make sure to write something like “Save the Weekend.” 

Here are more exceptional examples of Save the Date text to try out during your design process. You can edit anything to share your own voices, but these templates are really beautiful and might fit you and your partner perfectly. These are samples of both print and email Save the Dates, but you can find similar concepts in both styles:

Save the Date Text Sample #1:

“Adrian & Bridgette are madly in love. They are getting married.” This example is featured in our Adrian Save the Date template, and it is a totally special, adorable way to get your message across to your beloved guests. You can make tweaks to this, but we really love how it feels true and authentic to the couple. 

Save the Date Text Sample #2:

“October Twenty First Twenty Twenty Three.” The way the date is displayed front and center on the Harlow Save the Date says it all—without literally saying, “Save the Date.” The modern-minimalist design is perfect for any ultra-chic, fun couple.

Save the Date Text Sample #3:

“Olivia and Elaine.” Simply emphasizing the wedding couple’s first names is all you need to share the basic details about the big day. In the Elaine design, you can also follow the template by following the focal point with “Save the Date” and the date and city.

Save the Date Text Sample #4:

“Please Save the Date for the Wedding of Lane and Murphey.” This is a slightly more formal approach for these invitations, and it clearly spells out the request. It is a timelessly classic way to say “Save the Date” and we absolutely love it.

Save the Date Text Sample #5:

“SJ 03 13 22.” Your first initials and the date in bold, as shown in the Grayson template is as minimalist as it is romantic. You can write out your names in a smaller text below, but we love the whimsy and magic of keeping the main headline super simple. 

These are a few examples of how you can express your excitement for your celebration. Plus, you can also create a unique Save the Dates logo or monogram that includes your and your partner’s first initials, names, date, iconography and more. Think through how you want your text to look on these Save the Dates and then go from there.

Other Important Information About Save the Dates Etiquette

Your Save the Dates come with many steps and some rules to consider. Wedding etiquette is not always followed, but it can guide couples in the proper direction as it relates to their timelines. And with so many industry experts weighing in, it is easier than ever to do the “right” thing when it comes to making and sending these important invites.

For party-related etiquette, we can also turn to expert Mindy Weiss, a wedding and event planner with decades of experience in the industry. Weiss has worked with clients ranging from the Kardashians to the Biebers, and these are some key points she addresses about Save the Dates invites:

  • Send them within a reasonable amount of time. You do not necessarily want to send your Save the Dates two years in advance, but you also do not want to send them two months in advance. Give yourself and your guests enough time to properly plan by sending your Save the Dates invites about six months before.

  • Only send one Save the Date per household. This is in your and your guests’ best interests. For your sake, you do not want to spend extra money on invites. If you are sending Save the Dates to several family members that all share the same address, feel free to send one and be clear about the people being addressed on the envelope or email. With etiquette in mind, you may want to send multiple if any children in the household are over the age of 18.

  • Do not ask your guests to RSVP. Think of your Save the Dates as a heads up for your loved ones. You are not asking them to do anything but—quite literally—save your date. If you are sending out printed invites, make sure that the only item sent is a card and envelope. And if you are sending out email Save the Dates, you can opt out of the RSVP feature.

  • Do not mention your registry, but share wedding website details. It goes against wedding etiquette to share specific registry details, but you are encouraged to include a link to your wedding website in your printed or email Save the Dates. In most cases, your wedding website will link to your registry, so guests can explore that without your explicit mention of it. We call that a win-win!

Of course, we also always turn to the pros at The Emily Post Institute for even more insights about Save the Dates etiquette. Here are some other considerations:

  • Your unique Save the Dates ideas do not necessarily have to match the rest of your wedding stationery. In their explainer on 21st century wedding trends, mentions that Save the Dates come with the freedom to get as creative as possible. While some couples love the idea of creating a cohesive stationery suite, that is not required or going against etiquette rules. This is an especially encouraging note for couples who might not have confirmed all of their aesthetic and design decisions quite yet.

  • You still need to send everyone your formal invitations. This emphasizes the importance of confirming your guest list as soon as you can. While Save the Dates are technically not required, your wedding invitations are mandatory. If you send out Save the Dates invites to a person or household, that guarantees that they will receive a formal invite in the coming weeks or months.

  • The bride’s family usually pays. In the most traditional etiquette rule book, it is common for the bride’s family to cover the expenses for all types of invitations and announcements about the celebration. Of course, not all couples will identify with or follow this guideline, but it is a helpful example for some people planning their wedding.

In this day and age, it is more acceptable to bend the rules when it comes to etiquette. It is completely understandable that you might not align with traditional wedding etiquette, and this is perfectly okay. We encourage wedding couples to use any information about Save the Dates etiquette that is helpful and to avoid anything that feels inauthentic or misaligned. These experts back up their dos and don’ts with years of experience planning and advising the most incredible weddings.

Save the Dates and Your Wedding Stationery Timeline

Your wedding timeline will inform the wedding stationery design process, so it is important to get several items in order beforehand. Save this list as you embark on your wedding planning process, and check them off as you go along. In addition to your Save the Dates, we will also discuss how and when to design and send invitations and more key pieces of your stationery suite.

Here is everything you need to remember for your wedding timeline, as it relates to Save the Dates, invites and more:

  1. Have a conversation about your budget with all of the “stakeholders.” After you say “yes” to the proposal and before you make any wedding-related decisions, you need to understand how much you can and will pay for your wedding. The “stakeholders” are any individuals who have offered to help pay for your wedding. In traditional, sometimes outdated etiquette, most of the major wedding expenses fall on the bride’s family. However, these days it is more common for both families or even the wedding couple to take on the venue and vendor costs. Keep in mind that your budget will include everything from the venue to decor, so break it down by vendor and be specific about financial parameters that work for everyone involved. 

  2. Consider hiring a wedding planner. If you are interested in having a go-to expert participate in the planning process, these pros are well-connected and prepared to help you through every step leading up to your celebration. You can opt out of hiring a wedding planner, but the pros definitely outweigh the cons. In fact, there is basically one con: the price. So, if your budget can accommodate paying for a wedding planner, we highly recommend this. Your planner can keep everything organized and provide a clear timeline and checklist, and you can receive the best advice about everything—including your Save the Dates. With so many years in the industry, wedding planners are well-versed in the many steps involved in planning and know what color schemes and themes work best as well.

  3. Confirm your official guest list. While it might seem too soon for this step, you need to know who you need to attend your wedding. In general, about 70 to 85 percent of your invited guests will go to your wedding. This is a good percentage to remember as you tour venues and ultimately book where you will say, “I do.” Think about your loved ones and your budget as you start to build this list. Also, consider your general preferences. For example, do you dream of having a massive celebration or a more intimate affair? Are you interested in dancing all night long at a local venue or would you want a more adventurous destination wedding week or weekend? However you want to plan your wedding, choose what is most authentic and ideal for you and your partner. In doing so, you can more effectively decide on the family and friends you really want to be there for your ceremony and reception. During this time, you might also want to reach out to family and friends and ask for their information (if you do not already have it, of course!). If you are sending any type of paper invite, you need to confirm every guests’ home address, and if you are sending a digital one, make sure you have their best email.

  4. Tour venues and book your favorite. Things are going to start feeling real at this point, when you and your partner research and later, visit your top wedding venues. You could seek out a local spot that means a lot to you, your partner and your relationship. Alternatively, you could jaunt off to a destination locale that you really love. It may be more difficult to visit a faraway venue, but it is in your best interest to book a trip prior to confirming anything. Walk through the venue and make sure to ask as many questions as possible. Some venues may have capacity restrictions that will not accommodate all of your guests, and others might have noise requirements and need to end your celebration earlier in the evening. If the costs, restrictions, available dates and all other aspects fit with your vision, submit your deposit. With the increased demand for venues and vendors these days, you need to do this as soon as possible. 

  5. Customize your own wedding website. The best way to start building out your stationery suite is to pick the design and personalize your wedding website. This will serve as the information hub guests turn to as your wedding and other events approach. Your wedding website can include photos of you and your partner, a list of recommendations for guests visiting the city where you are getting married, travel and lodging suggestions and more. This “more” includes information about where you are registered and even a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page about your event. From whether kids are invited to the dress code, the FAQ page makes it easy to avoid texts or calls from your invited guests about details related to your celebration.  

  6. Choose the best Save the Dates for you and your partner. About three to six months in advance, you should definitely have your venue and date confirmed. With that, you should prepare to send out your print or email Save the Dates. These will provide the where and when, and again, you can provide a link to your wedding website for even more details about your upcoming celebration. 

  7. Design and send your formal wedding invitations. It is recommended to give yourself enough time to design, send and then receive RSVPs from your invites. These should be sent six to eight weeks prior to your wedding date. And if you are sending the more traditional printed wedding invites, understand that the mail will take a significantly longer time than digital invites. Plus, you will need to account for the time it will take to design your invitations with a trusted pro. At Bliss & Bone, this process will take two to three weeks, from start to finish. Your digital invites can be designed and arrive in your guests’ emails within the same day, so it is a time- and cost-efficient option for many couples.

  8. Round out your stationery suite. In addition to your Save the Dates and formal invites, you will likely need other items. These include rehearsal dinner invitations, which should be sent out about four weeks before the celebratory meal. In addition to these invites, you may also want to find coordinating options for your wedding menus for the big day. We love finding consistency throughout your print or digital stationery, and shopping by Bliss & Bone’s collections is the best way to accomplish this.

With these easy-to-follow steps, we hope you feel more ready and less overwhelmed about your wedding checklist. In addition to these steps, you will also need to find other decor, attire and other pieces that are relevant to your celebration. But when it comes to your stationery suite, these are the key steps involved in this process. Give yourself enough time, take a deep breath and use your creativity to customize your stationery.  

More About Wedding Stationery-Related Etiquette 

While your Save the Date text and etiquette has been covered, there are other guidelines for your invitations. Your wedding invitations require a bit more work for both you and your guests, since RSVPs and finalizing the guest count is tied into making them.

These are the most important invitation etiquette “rules” or suggestions to make everything easier for you and your invited guests.

  1. Send these out within a reasonable timeframe. Approximately eight weeks before your wedding, guests should receive their invitations through the mail or email. Similar to print and email Save the Dates, you should factor in the timing involved in the customization process. For paper invites, which are more traditional and aligned with the more old school etiquette rules, you need to design them, order envelopes and stamps and mail them out. However, for digital versions of invitations, you can likely customize and send yours out on the same day.

  2. Be as detailed as possible about the specific guests and RSVP requirements. If you are inviting a couple who recently welcomed a baby, for example, you need to clarify who is invited. For many couples, there is a no kids rule, so you should only write the couple’s names. An example of the text on the envelope or email would be “Mr. and Mrs. Jones.” If the baby is invited, you should write “The Jones Family” or “Mr. and Mrs. Jones and John” with baby John’s name going on the second line (for a printed invite envelope). You also need to be as clear as you can about how to respond. If you send a printed invite and request a returned envelope, include that (stamped!) envelope in your invitation. And if you are interested in directing your guests to your RSVP wedding website, you can do this for print or emailed invites. From there, your guests can visit your site and submit their RSVPs. If you want guests to make meal choices, you will also want to ensure that your RSVP card (printed or digital) gives your guests this option.

  3. Provide helpful information about the reception. While your invitation should certainly include where your ceremony will take place, you need to confirm whether guests will need to relocate for the reception. If you are heading over to a different location for the reception, include that information on your invitation. And if you are planning to have your ceremony and reception at the same place, simply write, “Reception to follow,” so guests know they can sit tight.

  4. Timing is everything, so be accurate. There is some temptation to include a start time that is a half-hour or hour before the actual start of your wedding. However, proper etiquette is to feature the exact start time. Your guests should know to respect this timing and plan to arrive early. As much as you want to accommodate tardy guests, you also want to respect the people who are making an effort to get there early. Do not stress and know you can trust and rely on your dear family and friends. 

These are the major invitation rules for those wanting to follow etiquette. More than anything, though, these should serve as guidelines for mapping out when and how to design your invites. At Bliss & Bone, our templates and quick turnaround times are all you need to feel prepared and eager to see your one-of-a-kind designs.

The Key Differences Between Print and Email Save the Dates

One of the biggest decisions you will make about your Save the Dates is whether they will be a physical or digital invite. There are so many reasons why couples opt for printed and email Save the Dates, and there is no clear winner between the two. Because etiquette rules are slightly more relaxed these days, you cannot go wrong with either. 

Depending on your preferences as a couple, you can decide on the best options for you. Here are our favorite things about print and email Save the Dates:

The Pros of Print Save the Dates

For decades, print Save the Dates have been the go-to for wedding couples. They are classic parts of the invitation suite, and there are so many reasons to love them. These include:

  1. Your printed Save the Dates serve as keepsakes. While we love the efficiency and eco-friendliness of digital Save the Dates, there is just something about checking your mail and holding the invite in your hands. If you want your guests to have this tangible experience, printed Save the Dates are the best option. Plus, they can save them forever as keepsakes to treasure the memories of your special day.

  2. Your printed Save the Dates are more formal and better for less technologically savvy guests. These traditional styles are great for almost any type of wedding, but your guests may find paper invitations easier to consume. Some may have difficulties with technology, while others might have massively full inboxes and your invite could get lost in the shuffle. Think about your guests and your own unique Save the Dates ideas before you decide.

The Pros of Digital Save the Dates

  1. Your online Save the Dates save paper and money. Couples on a budget will appreciate digital Save the Dates. Because these invites are sent through email, zero paper is involved in the process. And with that, costs are significantly lower. If you want to prioritize other vendors and love the experience of opening an email, this is the way to go.

  2. Your online Save the Dates are easy to design and send in a flash. For printed Save the Dates, your design process will take more time. If you want to quickly and efficiently customize and send your Save the Dates, these are your best bet. In fact, if you are decisive and ready to go, all you need to do is make a few choices and then guests can receive the notice in their inboxes. Easy as pie!

These are the two main types of Save the Dates available to wedding couples. At Bliss & Bone, you can choose from near-countless options for both of these formats, and we encourage you to explore everything you can create by reviewing Save the Date images online. Evaluate these pros, talk with your partner and then decide what to do with your special Save the Dates.

The Overall Cost of Printed and Email Save the Dates

We touched on how pricing is different, but now it is time to explain the specific costs as they relate to your unique Save the Dates. After reviewing your budget and assessing what you plan to pay for your wedding invitation suite, you can more easily decide on the type of Save the Dates to purchase. 

First, let’s look at the general pricing information for Save the Dates. According to a 2022 study by The Knot, the average cost of Save the Dates is $150. This does not account for printed versus digital, but you can expect print options like embossing or gold foil to hike up the total price. Meanwhile, digital Save the Dates are typically around $1 each, making them a major cost-saving alternative.

To give you an idea of Bliss & Bone’s pricing, our print Save the Dates start at $235 for 25 A6 (4.5 x 6.25-inch), one-ply cards. Remember that you will also need to add envelopes to this, and with our online builder, you can see real-time pricing as you customize your Save the Dates. Outside of our builder, you will also need to purchase stamps. As an alternative, online Save the Dates cost $1.20 for one to nine invitations or $0.90 for 10 or more. If you need 500 or more, please reach out to us for further assistance.

How to Build Your Own Save the Dates at Bliss & Bone

Now that you understand the different types, themes and ideas for Save the Dates, let’s talk about how to actually make them. At Bliss & Bone, our online builders are easy to use and our experts are always there to provide additional support.

Bring your own unique Save the Dates ideas to life by customizing your own favorite design. These are the steps to follow when creating your own printed or email Save the Dates:

Building Your Printed Save the Dates

These traditional Save the Dates are beloved by many and we provide a seamless, supported design process for couples. Here’s everything you need to know about personalizing your Save the Dates.

  1. Select the design you love most and then click “Customize + Price.” This will take you to the online builder for print Save the Dates.

  2. Make any adjustments you need to the card. In the “Card” section, you can select an alternative background, and choose the paper quantity, size, color and ply number (one- or two-ply options are available). By selecting “Edit” with the pencil icon, you can adjust the saturation, color, brightness, transparency and blur of the design. When you look to the right and see the Save the Date images preview, it is easy to review your changes and make adjustments as needed.

  3. Choose text colors. In the “Aa” section, you need to make some choices about the text. You have the opportunity to change Text Color 1 (the main header, which will likely say, “Save the Date”), Text Color 2 (the secondary text, like the details of your event) and the Edge Paint (which you can toggle on if you want a border).

  4. Decide which envelopes you want. By clicking on the envelope icon, you will be directed to choose the quantity, paper color and whether you want envelope printing or a liner. If you want Bliss & Bone to feature every guests’ name and address and your return address, toggle on that feature and choose the font color. And if you are interested in a differently colored envelope liner, make your selections for that in this section.

  5. Review pricing. In the “$” section, and in the top right hand corner, you can see the cost. The total is positioned in the corner, but a full breakdown is available for your review in the “$” section. If you are all set with everything above, you can click “Next” to head over to the details section. 

  6. Input all of your Save the Date details. This is the part where you make your personalizations in the text. In the “Details” section, you will need to first add the Card Text, which is the information you want to include in your Save the Dates. After that, add the Envelope Text, which is your return address. Then, upload your guest address file by downloading our template, filling out your guests’ information and uploading the edited file again. In this section, you can also add an insert card, reply card and reply envelope. This is not required for Save the Dates, but you can opt in if you would like. Finally, if you have any questions or concerns for the designer about your unique Save the Dates ideas, add it in the “Notes to Designer” word bank. Click “Next” to review your purchase.

  7. Review and pay. When you are happy with your Save the Dates, confirm your payment and prepare for follow-up by one of our designers. 

  8. Confirm approval of your digital proof. You will receive a digital .pdf proof of your Save the Date images within two to three business days. Every purchase comes with two rounds of digital proofs, so you can request changes after your review. If you need to make more adjustments, every additional round of proofs will cost $35. 

  9. Receive your invitations in the mail. When you approve of the design, it will be sent into production and shipped 12 to 15 business days later. If you need your Save the Dates even earlier, rush services are available with a 25 or 50 percent upcharge.

  10. Purchase stamps and head to your nearby post office. When you are all set and ready to send out your Save the Dates, make sure you have purchased the right stamps and then send them all out. 

When you have made your way to the end of this list, you can now move on to the next step: making your own invitations. During this time, guests will also be sending excited texts about their Save the Date and your upcoming festivities.

Building Your Digital Save the Dates

If you want to modernize your Save the Dates, going digital is a perennial favorite option among wedding couples. These are the steps involved in making these digital invites to send out to your invited guests.

  1. Look at the many Save the Date images on our site and select your favorite one. Click the “Customize” button and you will then be directed to the online builder, where you can totally customize the template.

  2. Choose the best background. In the “Background” section, you can see what it looks like to change up the paper effect on your Save the Dates. We have a curated list of prints and photos to test out, and you can see the changes in real-time by looking at the preview to the right of your screen. Moving over to the “Edit” section with the pencil icon, you can make changes to the saturation, color, brightness, transparency and blur. And finally, you can adjust the texture of the paper. Of course, this is a digital invite, so it will only change the look of the texture on your screen.

  3. Make changes to the text on your Save the Dates. If you click on the “A” icon just below the background section, you can start updating the appearance of the text. This includes the text size, letter and line spacing, color, effect (if you want an embossed or letterpress look), alignment and of course, the font. There are so many fonts to choose from and you can easily see how it looks by checking the preview.

  4. Manage the card effects and shadow overlays. By clicking on the paintbrush icon, you will first get to decide whether you want a border or drop shadow. You can also customize the thickness and color of the border, and the drop shadow is the effect that makes the card look three-dimensional. Plus, by selecting the “Shadow Overlays” section, you can try out the different unique shadow features. It can look like flowers, leaves or other dimensional objects are looming over your Save the Dates.

  5. Add in three-dimensional objects, illustrations or graphics. In the section with the icon featuring a square, circle and triangle, you can decide on these add-ons. One of the most interesting offerings at Bliss & Bone are our three-dimensional objects. There are rustic boho flowers, eucalyptus leaves, rocks, butterflies and much more. In addition to these objects, you can also bring in illustrations and graphics we love. Think about your favorite design elements and how they will work with your venue and other aesthetic choices.

  6. Design and upload your own logo. Once you get to the “&” section, you will see our Logo Shop. You can see how the different styles will look on the card before finalizing everything. After you purchase your custom logo or monogram, we will upload it to your account. You will be able to see this under the “My Logos” tab in this category.

  7. Upload your own Save the Date images. If you want to personalize these even more, consider adding in your own photo. Just make sure it is a .png file with a transparent background, then click the “Upload” button and see how it looks on the page. When all of the card details are complete, click “Next” to go to the Email tab.

  8. Personalize the email your guests will receive. Once you are done with your Save the Date appearance, share your personal greeting, name your event and add a personal message to your guests. You can also make changes to the button taking guests to more details, add in the start and end times, date (or dates), venue and address. By clicking on the paintbrush icon, you can also make changes to the look of the email itself by adjusting the background and text colors and including an image.

  9. Select an alternative background. If you click on the background icon, you will get to select this optional image. These can match your Save the Dates card background, or it can be a cohesive design. You can decide between prints or photos, and then you can go to the “Edit” tab. Here, you can alter the saturation, color, brightness, transparency and blur. Then, click “Next” to go to the Event Page section.

  10. Make specific decisions about your event details. You can opt to collect RSVPs or addresses, and choose whether you want to add a button for your wedding website or a personal note. In this section, you will also add when and where your event is happening. Plus, you can make a few things visible: an interactive map, a message to guests, links, a comment wall and the guest list. Then, click “Next” to go to the Recipient section.

  11. Provide guests’ details. You will need to upload every guests’ name and email address here. This is where it is important to specify which guests in every household are invited to your event. Double check that everything here is correct before clicking “Next.”

  12. Pay for your Save the Dates. After reviewing your order, enter your payment details and pay for your Save the Dates. 

  13. Send them off! Once you have paid, your Save the Dates are ready to be sent out to your loved ones. So, within seconds, guests will receive your special Save the Date in their inboxes.

Whether you follow the instructions for paper or email Save the Dates, Bliss & Bone’s clear steps and process are simple and super helpful for wedding couples. There are so many exciting events coming up, and finishing the building process for your Save the Dates gets you one step closer to officially tying the knot.

Finding Inspiration Through Popular Wedding Themes

We have explored the different themes as they relate to Save the Dates, but it is also important to talk through some of the ideas in general. By highlighting current wedding theme trends, couples can get a better idea of what is involved in these events and the topics or styles that correspond with them.

Boho: This wedding theme is all about nature, and you will often see it combined with a beach or rustic aesthetic. Whether you have your toes in the sand during your wedding ceremony or have a clear view of the mountains in a woodsy locale, the boho theme is driven by color, decor and attire. For colors, try neutrals in the red, pink and orange families. These more muted tones are romantic and work well with cohesive florals and greenery like pampas grass. For the decor, there are several signals to the theme. These include eclectic, chic decor like rattan furniture or accents, rugs, macrame and more. As for the attire, it is common to see free-flowing wedding gowns with loosely structured designs, hats and more.

Classic: Classic and trendy go together with this particular wedding theme. There is a timeless elegance to certain decor and design decisions you can make. While there is an emphasis on traditional aesthetic choices, there is nothing boring about this concept. Gorgeous white florals, formal invitations and decor and venues like ballrooms all fit into this category. It is called “classic” for a reason; people just love the vibe and formality of a classic wedding.

Tropical: If your venue is in a tropical environment, like in Hawaii or somewhere in the Caribbean, you can really use your surroundings to inform every decision you make. From your invitation suite to your decor, there are so many ideas that can come from this theme. Your florals and greenery should coordinate with the venue’s, and specific types like Monstera leaves and palm fronds are ideal for this beautiful environment. Attire usually consists of free-flowing dresses, similar to the boho aesthetic and if you are getting married on the beach, why not go for a barefoot experience? Emphasize white and green and you can go for a beachy or ultra-modern affair.

Country: It could be the popularity of the show Yellowstone or people’s love for the great outdoors, but country is another trending wedding theme. You can go for a rustic vibe with Mason jars, hay bales and cowboy boots and get married in a bar, or you can put a more modern twist on it all. Saying “I do” in a chic, updated barn or somewhere on a farm can work as a unique contrast to your modern-minimalist decor. Go all in on the theme or draw certain accents to showcase your own personal style.

Modern: A sophisticated, monochromatic wedding in a loft or warehouse is a clear indication of a modern affair. That being said, there are classic elements that could work for this theme, like all white flowers. But if you love venues with an industrial flair and lean toward tailored dresses and suits with a more structured fit, a modern wedding is a dreamy, super chic concept. There is so much elegance that comes with a modern event, and it is also great for a wedding in an art museum, restaurant or bar and other special destinations. 

Nautical: Whether you are hitting the high seas on a boat or exchanging vows near the water, nautical weddings are another popular option. Certain icons can also signal the nautical style, like anchors or sailboats. Plus, you can lean into coastal-friendly fabrics like seersucker and linen. This applies to colors too, as navy blue, gray and white make up the ideal palette for this trending theme. This is a preppier style than other themes on this list, and it is especially popular on the West and East Coasts. For even more ideas, you could even host an on-theme rehearsal dinner or welcome party. For example, a clambake with other East Coast fare or a beach barbecue for a cool California twist would work super well for a nautical wedding.

These are just a handful of the many wedding themes available to wedding couples. You can draw inspiration from any of them, but the most important thing is to be true to you and your partner. If you identify with any of these themes, decor items and color schemes, start building out your mood board and consult with your planner, florist and partner. Once everyone understands your favorite elements, you can all work together to plan the best wedding imaginable.

Matching Your Save the Dates with the Rest of Your Wedding Stationery

As we mentioned previously, you do not need to match your Save the Dates to the rest of your stationery suite. With that said, we love the idea of creating a cohesive collection that will reflect your theme and personal style. With so many decisions you need to make during the wedding planning process, exploring the Bliss & Bone collections can also take the guesswork out of this part. By choosing items within one collection, you can perfectly complement everything and use the colors and styles to keep everything consistent for your decor, attire and more. 

But what exactly goes into a stationery suite? We have described many of these throughout this guide, but here is a full list of everything you need. These are the elements to look out for as you build out your full stationery suite:

  • Save the Dates: The first formal contact you have with your guests in the leadup to your wedding day. These are either digital or print invitations.

  • Wedding invitations: The more formal, detailed notice to your guests about your wedding. This can also be sent as a print or digital card.

  • Rehearsal dinner invitations: These are the invites a smaller group of guests will receive for the night prior to your wedding. This is a dinner that is traditionally hosted by the groom’s family and the beginning of the celebrations for your wedding. These invites do not have to match, and they could fit with the restaurant where it is hosted, or you can have everything go together.

  • Wedding menus: On your wedding day, it is common for guests to have a menu at their seat when they enter the reception. This gives them an idea of what to expect from the upcoming meal, and it can show choices available and may be helpful for those with dietary restrictions. 

These are the paper and digital must-haves you need for before and during your event. In addition to the designs, you can also incorporate a custom logo that is consistent throughout all of these pieces of stationery. With our logos and monograms, you can also use them for other items you order. This might include your thank you notes, napkins for the wedding day and much more. There are so many benefits to the collections at Bliss & Bone, and we encourage you to look through all of them on our website at

What to Do After Receiving Guests’ RSVPs for Your Wedding

Before you can start setting those wedding menus on the table, you need to first confirm your guest list. After the Save the Dates and formal invites have been sent out, you will then receive all of the RSVPs. If you opt in to receive them via a RSVP wedding website, all you need to do is log in to your Bliss & Bone account and review the “yes” and “no” responses. You should give yourself about three weeks to prepare the guest list and seating chart, so ask guests to respond by that time. 

When you have three weeks to go, you are going to have a bunch of final calls with your trusted vendors. During this time, you will be fielding emails and calls to ensure everything is in place. And while your planner can definitely help with this, you will want to be involved in these final conversations. At the same time, you need to let your venue (or venues), caterers and planner know the exact number. This will help everyone know how many seats to set out for both the ceremony and reception, how much food to prepare and simply how many people to expect on the day of the celebration.

With the final guest count confirmed, you need to decide where everyone will sit. The seating chart is a difficult and personal project that you and your partner should work on together. For starters, where do you want you and your partner to be—and with whom? Two popular options are to have a sweetheart table with just you and your partner, or to have a long rectangular table with your wedding party and their plus ones. If you have a smaller wedding party or none at all, you may want to stick with the classic sweetheart table. 

Once you are set for your and your partner’s table, think about everyone else. You can decide on long, rectangular tables or large round ones, and there are other options your venue might recommend as well. During this time, you also need to know whether you want to assign seats to your guests or not. There are pros and cons to either route, but assigning seats can give you better control over the environment and vibe. Think about the people who know each other and will enjoy being seated together. Then, you can create a specific seating chart that will guide guests to their specific seats. Alternatively, you might be interested in simply giving guests a table. While assigned seats will require name cards on every table setting, giving guests a table number or name only can signal that every person can choose their desired seat.

With your seating chart finalized, you can get creative in how it is presented on your wedding day. Generally, this is displayed somewhere at the cocktail hour, so guests can prepare for the reception. The most classic setup is to prop up a board with every guest’s name and table number, but you could also lean into your wedding theme here. Add a tag with guests’ names to glasses of champagne, hang escort cards from strings, or anything else that feels fun and authentic. 

Start Developing Your Unique Save the Dates at Bliss & Bone

At this point, you are more than ready to start the process of designing your own Save the Dates with help from the experts at Bliss & Bone. We are eager to assist you in crafting the most gorgeous wedding invitation suite possible, and it all starts with your Save the Dates. And we completely understand if you feel overwhelmed or need a hand. To learn more about how we can make this process as seamless and special as possible, contact us online or email us at You can also visit our Help Center and discover answers to frequently asked questions.