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Virtual Wedding Invites: Details, Designs & Ideas

By Bliss & Bone

virtual wedding invites examples

Choosing Virtual Wedding Stationery From Bliss & Bone

As more people depend on their mobile devices to access information, virtual wedding stationery and invitations are becoming increasingly popular within the wedding industry. Virtual wedding invites can offer some real benefits for you and your partner in letting people know about your upcoming celebration and in streamlining many of the most tedious parts of planning a wedding.

Virtual wedding stationery can save you time and effort when managing your invitation process. Paired with elegant and functional wedding websites, your virtual wedding invitation can make it easier to collect responses, share information and coordinate all elements of your wedding to create a cohesive whole. By opting for virtual wedding stationery, you can customize your invitation and match it to your website and other elements of your wedding décor and design.

Choosing a virtual wedding invitation can help you manage costs more efficiently and can take some of the stress out of the process for you and your partner. Virtual wedding invites require no postage and can be adjusted to suit changing plans, which makes the process of inviting your guests much simpler. At Bliss & Bone, we offer virtual wedding invitation templates that can be customized to suit your tastes and your wedding theme. We also offer virtual wedding websites that complement your virtual wedding stationery perfectly and that can be matched to other elements of your wedding as well.

Helping you to create the best virtual wedding invitations is what we do at Bliss & Bone. Our virtual wedding invitation maker is easy to use and streamlines the process of creating your virtual wedding stationery and invitations, which can help you to create the most elegant and appealing virtual wedding invites. Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind when planning your virtual wedding invites and websites.

What Is a Virtual Wedding Invite?

Also known as a digital wedding invitation, your virtual wedding invite is used just like a printed invitation to inform your guests of the date, time and location of your wedding ceremony and reception. A virtual wedding, on the other hand, is a relatively new development in which your wedding ceremony is streamed online to allow for social distancing and to protect the health and well-being of those who would otherwise attend in person. These pandemic weddings became popular in recent years because of worries over the transmission of disease. Virtual wedding stationery is often used for in-person weddings because of the lower cost of these options and the improved flexibility they can offer for couples planning to wed.

Virtual wedding stationery and invitations are typically sent through email and can be combined with print invitations or used as stand-alone notifications and communications. Your virtual wedding invite will contain all the same information as a traditional printed invitation. These virtual wedding options, however, can be changed as needed and resent to your guests to keep them posted on the latest developments regarding your wedding plans.

Your virtual wedding stationery suite offers unmatched flexibility and elegant design. These wedding invitation options, however, do require you to collect email addresses from your invited guests. Printed invitations may also be required for some guests who do not use email. Your virtual wedding invite can be designed to match your printed invitations, your virtual wedding websites and other items of your wedding décor. This can help you make the most memorable impression on your guests even before your wedding day arrives.

Elements of Your Virtual Wedding Invite

Your virtual wedding invite will include several components, each of which works together to deliver useful information to your guests. Some of the most important elements of your virtual wedding stationery suite will include the following:

  • Detailed information on dates, times and venues: Your virtual wedding invite will include information on the date, time and wedding venues chosen for your celebration. Even the most basic virtual wedding invitation will contain this data along with the names of the happy couple.
  • Connected virtual wedding websites: Most virtual wedding invitations are linked directly to a virtual wedding website. These virtual wedding websites can provide added information and are a great resource for you and your guests during your wedding planning process.
  • Response capabilities: Your virtual wedding website and invite work together to allow your guests to respond online about their plans to attend the wedding and any dietary or meal requests they may have for the reception. Since guests spend about $1,000 per wedding they attend, making sure they have the tools they need to plan effectively is essential to ensure that they are happy with the arrangements made by you and your partner.
  • Tracking and monitoring for emails and responses: Online responses make it easy to track RSVPs for your virtual wedding invite. Your virtual wedding website can often integrate with your digital invitations to ensure that all responses are compiled and recorded for wedding planning purposes.
  • The ability to customize your virtual wedding invitation: The best virtual wedding invitations are customized to reflect the aesthetic preferences of the happy couple. By choosing a virtual wedding website and invitation provider with plenty of customization options and an intuitive virtual wedding invitation maker, you can enjoy the greatest possible flexibility in customizing your virtual wedding invitation card to suit your own unique artistic vision.
  • Follow-up functionality: Linking your virtual wedding invite to your website can also allow you to spot at a glance the names of those who have not yet replied to your virtual wedding invitation. You can then send another email or reach out to these guests in a different way to make sure they know about your upcoming wedding reception and ceremony and to obtain the necessary information from these valued guests.
  • Links to gift registries: Making it easy for your guests to find your gift registries can allow them to manage their gift-giving process in a convenient way. Your virtual wedding invitations can include links to the registries to streamline this process for your invited guests.

Making sure your virtual wedding invite includes these important components can help you get the most from your virtual wedding stationery and website throughout the wedding planning process.

The Advantages of Virtual Wedding Stationery Suites

Choosing a virtual wedding invite can provide some real benefits for you and your partner. Your virtual wedding suite can reduce your environmental impact and your expenses while providing you with unmatched flexibility for your wedding communications. Here are some of the most important advantages of choosing virtual wedding invitations for your upcoming ceremony and reception:

  • Cutting costs can be an important consideration when marking off items on your wedding planning checklist. Virtual wedding invitations are usually significantly cheaper than printed versions of the same invites. You can eliminate many postage costs as well, which can allow you to redirect your spending on aspects of your wedding that matter most to you and your partner.
  • Fast delivery for your virtual wedding invite can result in faster responses from those on your guest list. Your virtual wedding invitations travel at much faster speeds than invitations delivered through the postal service, which makes it much easier to manage your wedding planning timeline and your responsibilities during the weeks and months leading up to your special day.
  • Added convenience is built into the process of creating virtual wedding invites for your ceremony and reception. You can easily create a virtual wedding website and link your invitations to this site, which can allow you to receive responses, manage gift registries and deliver the necessary information to your guests now and throughout the period leading up to your wedding.
  • Environmental responsibility and green-friendly living is a priority for many couples. Opting for virtual wedding invites can reduce your carbon footprint while allowing you to communicate clearly with your guests. Along with your virtual wedding website, your invitations can represent a green-friendly option for your wedding that can make a positive impact on those invited to this celebration.

At Bliss & Bone, we offer virtual wedding invitation templates that can serve as the starting point for your own unique wedding day gathering. Our virtual wedding invitation maker can help you create an invitation that you and your partner will be proud to share with those who matter most to you.

Planning for the Costs of Virtual Wedding Invitations

As of 2020, the average cost of a wedding was $20,300. Recently, increasing prices and demand have driven prices upwards for catering, venues and many other aspects of your wedding. Starting the planning process early can help you to save money on your wedding and can ensure that you can reserve the perfect venues and caterers for your upcoming events.

Wedding costs can vary widely by location and the number of guests you plan to invite. Wedding websites and virtual wedding invites, however, typically cost about the same no matter where you live. You can expect to pay about $120 or so per year for your wedding website, which is typically just a small fraction of the cost of your wedding. These virtual wedding elements, however, can help you to manage your wedding planning checklist much more easily and efficiently throughout the lead-up to your big day.

So, How Much Do Virtual Wedding Invites Cost?

Virtual wedding invite cost is dependent upon several factors, including the personalizations you make and the number of invites you need to send out. On average, digital invitations cost about $1 each. But remember that you do not need to send out one virtual wedding invite to every guest invited to your big day. If you are inviting a couple or a family with children under the age of 18, you only need to send out one virtual wedding invite per household. By contrast, printed invites can cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars depending on the stationer and style you ultimately decide on. 

At the beginning of your planning process, you and your partner should discuss how much money you anticipate spending on everything from your venue to the stationery you order. Stationery only accounts for a small percentage of your overall wedding costs, but everything adds up. If you and your partner are looking to save money on your invitations, going virtual is best. By not using paper, you cut costs significantly, and you also help the environment in the process. These days, guests are also grateful for the clarity and convenience of virtual wedding invites. There isn’t a “right” or “wrong” way to prepare your invitations, so this is a highly recommended option for couples on a budget. 

Where and How to Seek Out Inspiration for Your Virtual Wedding Invites

Thinking about the design of virtual wedding invites can feel overwhelming or confusing. With hundreds upon hundreds of templates to choose from, it is understandable that it is a confounding portion of the planning process. You may work directly with a stationer to craft these virtual wedding invites, or you could consult with your planner. For the majority of couples who create virtual wedding invites, however, making these decisions falls on the two of them. If you are curious about how other couples curate their own stationery, see below for the best “inspo” for virtual wedding invites. 

  • Location, location, location. Where you get married is one idea for how to approach your virtual wedding invite design. This can be divided into two categories: Taking the city where you are getting married into consideration, or drawing inspiration from the exact venue where you’ll exchange vows with your partner. You could host a seaside soirée with seashell or ocean-inspired decor for a wedding on the coast, or you could match the unique flooring in the ballroom where you and your partner will share your first dance. Look around during your site visit to your venue and then talk with your partner about what could best fit your wedding vibe.
  • Your favorite colors or wedding theme. Do you already have your wedding color palette in mind? You could pull from the colors you gravitate toward on a regular basis, or find a color that works well with your venue. You can look at swatches of colors together and see what fits well, or speak with a professional planner about the most popular options couples are loving. These colors should match or coordinate with your floral design, wedding party’s outfits and the ceremony and reception decor. 
  • The time of year. Finding your wedding date takes a lot of organization and planning, and then you need to send out information about it. As it turns out, you can use the “when” of it all to figure out the best design elements for your virtual wedding invite. Let’s say, for instance, you are getting married in the mountains during the wintertime. You should go with colors, textures and objects that will fit your surroundings and the season. For example, the Annabeth virtual wedding invite has a navy background that cohesively contrasts with a white card and snow-dusted objects surrounding it. And if you’re getting married in a garden during the springtime, you should find a virtual wedding invite that has bright colors and flowers to mesh well with the season.  
  • Your and your partner’s personal style. How you dress and the various styles you and your partner are most interested in are another source of inspiration for your virtual wedding invite design. If you are fans of the country western style and plan to get married in Colorado, Utah or Wyoming, you could don cowboy hats and boots for your festivities. With that, you can pair your wedding aesthetic with a virtual wedding invite that features colors and objects that coordinate well with the western theme. Or if you love the modern-minimalist chic look, you can match that style in your virtual wedding invite, too, by keeping things simple and sophisticated. 

When you really think about it, ideas for your virtual wedding invites are all around you and your partner. By taking all of the above into consideration, you can easily find a virtual wedding invite template that you both love and that feels authentic to your unique relationship. If you’re still stumped, you can also tap family and friends for advice based on weddings they have hosted or attended in the past. People are so creative and bouncing ideas off of others is another helpful way to design your dream virtual wedding invites. 

An Array of Virtual Wedding Design Choices

When planning your virtual wedding invite at Bliss & Bone, you will have numerous choices for customizing these elements of your virtual wedding stationery suite. From the virtual wedding wording you choose to the images and overall design of your virtual wedding invitation, you can create your own unique masterpiece to share with friends and family.

  • Virtual wedding invitations wording: Following proper wedding etiquette is essential when planning your virtual wedding wording for invitations and website content. Your virtual wedding wording should be clear, easy to understand and written in your own voice. This is especially true for website content. When planning your virtual wedding invitations wording, looking at the examples on Bliss & Bone can often help you to determine the right way to approach virtual wedding wording and text for your invites.
  • Images and backgrounds: Once you have chosen your virtual wedding invitations wording, you can design your virtual wedding invite using our templates or our easy-to-use virtual wedding invitation maker. You can match your virtual wedding invitation cards and website to your virtual wedding invitation to tie all of these elements of your wedding stationery together. At Bliss & Bone, you can even upload your own custom images to create a look that is uniquely your own for your virtual wedding website and invitations.
  • Fonts and typefaces: Along with the right virtual wedding invitations wording, the font or typeface you choose for your virtual wedding invite will impact its appearance and can enhance the readability of your virtual wedding invitation.
  • Links to virtual wedding websites: One of the most popular features of virtual wedding invitations is the ability they provide to link to other resources for your wedding. From a link to your gift registries to links that lead to response forms, meal choices and your virtual wedding website, you can streamline the entire planning process for your guests. Your virtual wedding invitations are a great way to link together the various parts of your wedding into a cohesive and coherent package.
  • A personal touch for your virtual wedding invite: Especially if you include a link to your virtual wedding website in your invitation, you can share a little of your story complete with pictures with those you have invited to your wedding. This can help you to make a real connection with your invited guests and can ensure the best attendance for your wedding ceremony and reception this year or next.
  • Three-dimensional objects: Oftentimes, couples are not sure if virtual wedding invites can have dimension and shape to them. If you want to do this with your virtual wedding invite, explore your three-dimensional objects options. At Bliss & Bone, there are hundreds of three-dimensional objects to choose from. They can match your floral design plan, or they could coordinate with a rustic setting like the mountains or desert. 
  • Shadow overlays: In a similar way to three-dimensional objects for virtual wedding invites, shadow overlays bring another appearance of dimension. You can make sure your virtual wedding invite stands out—literally—by adding a shadow overlay. These are available with more artistic, detailed patterns, while others look like a tree or floral design is looming over your virtual wedding invite. Test a few options out, consider your venue and overall aesthetic and then see if one of the many shadow overlays available fits your ideal look.

At Bliss & Bone, our virtual wedding invitation templates make it easy to create a functional work of art for your upcoming nuptials. Whether you are looking for virtual wedding invites, Save the Date cards or virtual wedding website designs, we offer the best tools for your wedding communication needs.

Choosing the Perfect Words for Your Virtual Wedding Invites

Most wedding experts recommend utilizing a delicate touch when planning your wedding. This can extend to choosing the best virtual wedding wording for your invitations. Making sure that your virtual wedding invitations wording is precise, accurate and friendly can help you to make a positive impression on your entire guest list.

When you are looking for virtual wedding ideas for invitations, it is worthwhile to look at the virtual wedding invitations wording chosen for these virtual wedding invite examples. Your virtual wedding wording can have a real impact on the reaction you receive from your guests. Choosing the right virtual wedding invitations wording is essential to make the most positive impression on those you have invited to your wedding.

To better understand the appropriate wording for a virtual wedding invite, it is recommended to turn to etiquette rules established by experts like those at Here are the essentials for virtual wedding invites:

  • The name of the host or hosts of the wedding. Technically speaking, the host is the person (or persons) who has offered to pay for the wedding. By traditional standards, this often falls on the bride’s parents, and then the groom’s family is in charge of the rehearsal dinner. More recently, though, more couples have started to bring both families together to host — or they will even host the event themselves. You can start your virtual wedding invite with “Together with their families” if both families are involved, or you can skip this piece altogether if you and your partner are hosting the event.
  • What is being requested from the hosts. There are two common phrases used to explain what is being asked of each guest invited to the celebration. “Request the honor of your presence” is a popular option for those getting married at a place of worship. As an alternative, “request the pleasure of your company” is a great option for those getting married at any other type of venue (think a hotel, beach or other event space).
  • The name of the wedding couple. Do not bury the most important piece of information here: It is your day, after all! For a super formal option, it is expected to include only the bride’s first and middle name if her parents are hosting and she shares their last name. After that, you would include the groom’s title and full name. Some couples do not agree with this setup, so it is also more than acceptable to only include your first names or remove any titles. 
  • The date, time and venue details. This is where your virtual wedding invites veer off from the information provided in your Save the Dates. These give guests much more context and clearer instructions on where to go and when to arrive. If you want to follow etiquette experts’ recommendations, you should also write out all of these details — including the numbers, like the day and year of the celebration. 
  • Details about how guests can RSVP online. Since you are sending out virtual wedding invites, your guests will receive them via email. You should also connect guests to your RSVP wedding website, which can give them specific instructions on what is needed for their response. Beyond saying “yes” or “no,” you can also ask guests about dietary restrictions, meal preferences and more.
  • Recommended attire for your guests. From the classic attire requests like black tie or cocktail attire to more creative ideas like beach chic or dressy casual, there are so many choices to make here. You should share exactly how you would like your guests to dress for your celebration, and the virtual wedding invite is the perfect place for this note.

Now that you have all of the established “rules,” you should also feel empowered to be as traditional or creative as you would like with your virtual wedding invite. Some couples do not want to follow etiquette rules, and that is perfectly acceptable. The most important thing is that you are both on the same page and aligned with the virtual wedding invite wording you have come up with together.

Top Virtual Wedding Invitation Options From Bliss & Bone

At Bliss & Bone, we offer an array of virtual wedding invitation templates that can help you find the perfect look for your invite and website. We can help you find the perfect virtual wedding invitations wording and images through our gallery of virtual wedding invitation templates, which can help you design the best virtual wedding invitations for your big event.

  • Floral designs: Finding an elegant floral virtual wedding invite is easy at Bliss & Bone. We offer elegant floral virtual wedding invitations designed to suit your tastes and to impress your guests.
  • Modern looksModern virtual wedding invites can make a real impression on those who receive them. Bliss & Bone can deliver modern fonts for your virtual wedding invites as well as some of the most elegant and streamlined virtual wedding options for your website and your invitation. In this category, you can expect to see minimalist wedding invitations and other unique designs.
  • Tropical virtual wedding invites: Your tropical virtual wedding invite can evoke thoughts of the beach or of an exotic location. Choosing a tropical virtual wedding invitation with a botanical flair can often tie together disparate parts of your wedding plans to create a cohesive and elegant whole.
  • Artistic optionsArtistic virtual wedding stationery is an excellent choice for couples with an interest in avant-garde design or in classic art. Bliss & Bone can deliver outstanding options for artistic virtual wedding stationery and websites that will create the perfect look for your wedding invite.
  • Classic virtual wedding invitations: For many couples, classic virtual wedding designs are ideally suited to set the stage for a traditional wedding. Our classic virtual wedding invitations can be modified and customized to suit your specific preferences and needs.
  • Vintage-look virtual wedding invites: For a strong and positive statement, vintage virtual wedding invitations can complement your wedding theme and décor. Bliss & Bone can help with vintage virtual wedding invitations that can set the right mood and atmosphere for your guests.
  • Location-inspired virtual wedding invites: As we mentioned earlier in this guide, your location can play a significant role in your wedding stationery design. There are some templates out there that can feature a tropical flower, ideal for an island celebration, and others that have dark tones and rustic objects that can reflect a winter wedding in the woods. Consider what you want to prioritize in your virtual wedding invites, and see if the location of your wedding can inform this part of your decision-making.
  • Botanical virtual wedding invites: The term “botanical” applies to any virtual wedding invites that showcase plants of some sort. These can work well with tropical wedding invites, but they can also fit the aesthetic for garden wedding invites or even desert wedding invites. Put simply, as long as there is some greenery in there and it fits your style, that is a botanical wedding invite. 
  • Neon pops of color: While many couples love the idea of soft, neutral tones, others are looking for a zing from their color palette. If you align with this idea, try and find templates that show neon colors. It’s fun, edgy and a bit unexpected. There are virtual wedding invites that feature a neon color on the paper itself, and other options that include neon text. If you are interested in this concept but want to use an alternative template, you can also play around with adding neon to the background or text when you start adding your own personal touches to your chosen design. 

At Bliss & Bone, our virtual wedding invitation templates make it easy to create your own unique virtual wedding invitation. We streamline the process of designing virtual wedding invitations and sending them to everyone on your guest list to help you save time and money on this process.

How Do I Make a Virtual Wedding Invitation?

The virtual wedding invitation maker at Bliss & Bone can make it much easier to put together a virtual wedding invite that you and your guests will love. We offer a variety of virtual wedding invitation templates and customization options that will allow you to create your own unique virtual wedding invitations. Here are the steps to follow to design and complete your virtual wedding invite:

  1. Input your wedding data: This will include the date, the time and the location for your wedding ceremony and reception. Most sources for virtual wedding invites require that this information be entered first to make sure that it appears both on your virtual wedding website and your invitation.
  2. Decide on your virtual wedding invitation card: Save the Date cards are one of the first items to be sent out to guests. These virtual wedding invitation cards are usually simple and may include a link to your website to allow early responses from your guests.
  3. Design your virtual wedding invitation: While this is a single step in the process, it can encompass a number of elements for your virtual wedding invite. Choosing a template for your virtual wedding invites or designing your own unique virtual wedding stationery can be as simple as you wish. Deciding on the images, fonts and wording of your virtual wedding website and invite can help you to create the best virtual wedding invitations for your once-in-a-lifetime event. Bliss & Bone offers a gallery of images and graphics that can customize your virtual wedding invites. We also offer the option to create your own wedding logos and monograms to create a custom look for your virtual wedding invitation.
  4. Double-check your information: Before sending out your virtual wedding invitation, you should make sure that all of the basic information is correct and up-to-date. Enlisting your partner to proofread and to check the accuracy of your information can help you to avoid embarrassing mistakes when creating your virtual wedding website or invites.
  5. Collect email addresses from your guests: In most cases, you should begin collecting emails from your friends and family well before you send out your virtual wedding invitation card to remind them to Save the Date. Even if you need to send out printed Save the Date cards, you can include a line that allows your guests to sign up for email alerts, which can allow you to verify emails much more easily when planning your guest list.
  6. Upload your email list: The next step in creating the best virtual wedding invitations is to upload your list of emails to your virtual wedding invite company. This can also allow you to test and tweak the invite to make sure it suits your needs and that it works precisely as you intend.
  7. Pay and send your virtual wedding invite: One of the last steps in creating the best virtual wedding invitations is to pay your service provider and to send out your virtual wedding invite to your guests.
  8. Check responses: The wedding invitations available from Bliss & Bone are designed to receive RSVPs and responses and to compile them into an easy-to-monitor list. This can help you to plan for your wedding more efficiently and with the information you need to ensure that a good time is had by all.
  9. Respond to questions: Your wedding website is a great place to provide a list of frequently asked questions and the answers to those questions. By updating your website, you can provide real help when your guests need it most.
  10. Update your website: As your wedding plans come closer to fruition, you can update your wedding website with new information, added help in finding accommodations and transportation and with additions to your wedding gift registries. This can prove useful for your guests and can help you manage the wedding planning process more efficiently.

At Bliss & Bone, we offer a variety of features and functions that can help you create the perfect virtual wedding invitations and websites for your upcoming ceremony and reception.

Virtual Wedding Features Available From Bliss & Bone

At Bliss & Bone, we offer an array of features that are not available on most free virtual wedding invite providers. Some of our most popular features include the following options:

  • Customized designs that can be matched to your website, your Save the Date cards and your wedding decor
  • Easy-to-add links to your wedding website
  • Shadows, textures and letterpress effects that can help you make your wedding invitation truly unique
  • An exclusive gallery of graphics, images, photos and objects to customize your virtual wedding invite
  • A customizable event page that can be configured to suit your needs and the needs of your invited wedding guests
  • Support for foreign languages, which can be of great assistance to guests who may not have English as a first language

If you are looking for exclusive features and functions, Bliss & Bone is a great resource for creating your virtual wedding invitations and making the most positive impact on your guests and wedding party. We offer elegant solutions for virtual wedding invitations that will stand out from the crowd and will ensure that your wedding is not lost in the shuffle. Bliss & Bone can help you make the most memorable impression with your virtual wedding

When to Send Virtual Wedding Invites

Determining when to send out your virtual wedding invites starts with understanding your wedding planning timeline. If you are operating on the typical year-long schedule, you should plan to send out your virtual wedding invites about two to three months before the big day. With that in mind, you should have confirmed your venue and date well before and sent out your Save the Dates approximately six to nine months before your celebration. Save the Dates are not necessarily required, but you should plan to send out your virtual wedding invites even earlier if you don’t send a Save the Date to your guests. Another major exception here is if you host a destination wedding. If you are planning a destination wedding, make sure to send out your Save the Dates as early as possible, so your guests can have enough time to prepare.

The perks of virtual wedding invites is that you can create them with a much shorter timeline. Because you do not have to go through a design process with your stationer, you and your partner can design and send out your virtual wedding invites on the same day. No matter what, however, you should give yourself enough time to think through everything, discuss your top picks with your partner and make all of your personalizations to the design.

Matching Your Virtual Wedding Invite to the Rest of Your Stationery Suite

One of the biggest perks of creating virtual wedding invites at Bliss & Bone? The ability to shop by collection and find cohesive options for every aspect of your stationery suite. There are a variety of components involved in this “suite,” and finding a collection that fits your aesthetic takes so much of the guesswork out of this sometimes overwhelming process. You can start by reviewing options for virtual wedding invites, or you can review the collections as a whole. Within many of them, you will find the following must-have parts of your stationery:

  • Wedding website: This is essentially an extension of your Save the Date and virtual wedding invite, and it can feature a FAQ page, photos from an engagement shoot and so much more. You can even include a section where guests can reply to their virtual wedding invites.
  • Save the Dates: You should give your guests enough time to make travel arrangements, even if it is a local wedding. Experts recommend sending these out about six to nine months before the wedding day, and you should also include details that direct guests to your wedding website. 
  • Rehearsal dinner invitations: Like we mentioned earlier, it is common for the groom’s parents to take on the responsibility of the rehearsal dinner. And even if you do follow these “guidelines,” you can also ask about tying the rehearsal dinner invitation into your stationery suite. 
  • Wedding menus: If you go for a virtual wedding invite and Save the Date, this could be the only printed item in your suite. Wedding menus are typically presented to each guest as they sit down for the reception. They can look at it and learn more about the courses coming up during the highly anticipated meal.
  • Wedding logos or monograms: To further personalize your stationery suite, you can also purchase a custom logo or monogram. These can simply show your and your partner’s first initials, or it can even include a unique design, your wedding date and more. Think about how you would envision your own, look through our samples online and then place your order. These can be used on your virtual wedding invite, plus other items like cocktail napkins and thank you notes.

It is often challenging and pricey to create a full set for your stationery designs. But with Bliss & Bone’s collections, you can instantly have access to a beautifully created suite that is fully customizable. From your virtual wedding invite to the menus displayed at the reception, these are a thoughtful — not to mention Instagram-worthy — idea for all couples.

Contact Bliss & Bone Today to Learn More

If you would like to learn more about the virtual wedding options available at Bliss & Bone, visit us online today or drop us a line at We look forward to the chance to help you make your wedding day special with the virtual wedding invitations and websites you need to create the wedding of your dreams.

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