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Wedding E-Invite: Details & Design Inspiration

wedding e-invite neutral design example

All About Your Wedding E-invite From Bliss & Bone

If you and your partner are planning a wedding this year, you may be wondering about electronic wedding invitations and whether they will work for you. A wedding e-invite is designed to replace or supplement printed wedding invitations and can provide you with added flexibility and convenience when managing responses from your invited guests and planning for your catering needs. Your wedding e-invite is a great resource for your guests and can link directly to your wedding website to allow faster processing of RSVPs and improved overall tracking and monitoring.

Most wedding evites websites are designed to link directly with your electronic wedding invitation to collect responses and to compile a list of guests who plan to attend. Your wedding e-invite website can even provide help in determining who on your guest list has not yet responded to your wedding evite, which can allow you to follow up with a call or letter to determine the number of people who will attend your wedding.

Electronic wedding invites can also be used for other events associated with your wedding. For example, an evite for wedding reception or online rehearsal dinner invitations can often help you to streamline the process of planning for these events. Your wedding e-invite can provide the right information for your guests and can be updated as plans change, which can make it much easier to manage the process of planning your wedding.

At Bliss & Bone, we offer help in creating an elegant and functional wedding e-invite and website. Our easy-to-use templates and invitation builder can help you to create your own elegant wedding e-invites and to coordinate your wedding stationery suite with all other elements of your wedding day. We make it easy for you to design the perfect wedding evite for your upcoming nuptial celebration.

What Is a Wedding E-invite?

An electronic wedding invitation, also known as an electronic wedding invite, a wedding evite or a wedding e-invite, is a digital representation of your wedding invitation that can be delivered to your guests through email. These electronic wedding invite options can replace printed invitations or can supplement them for those who have email addresses. In either case, opting for electronic wedding invites can make a big difference in the price you will pay for your wedding invites and the postage needed to send them on their way.

In most cases, wedding e-invites are linked to a wedding website. This allows you to accept RSVPs electronically, which can result in greater convenience for your guests and increased information for you. Since wedding guests attend about two weddings per year at a cost of almost $1,000 per wedding, finding ways to make the process easier can pay off in improved engagement with your invited guests and better communication throughout the process of planning your wedding.

Is It OK to Send Wedding Invitations by Email?

At Bliss & Bone, we are often asked, "Is it OK to send wedding invitations by email?" While traditional wedding invites are printed and mailed, digital wedding invites are increasing in popularity thanks to the numerous benefits of wedding evites and wedding evites websites. Selecting a combination of traditional wedding invites and wedding e-invites can help you to manage costs while making sure that everyone on your guest list receives an invitation to your upcoming wedding ceremony and reception.

Wedding E-Invite Etiquette and Wording Examples

The etiquette surrounding wedding e-invites might feel a bit complicated. While it is a more modern application to the standard stationery set, a wedding e-invite can also follow traditional etiquette guidelines that have been followed for decades. In an effort to help you and your partner navigate these e-invite wedding rules, these are the key pieces every invite needs:

  • The name of the wedding hosts. Most wedding e-invites kick off with the name or names of the people inviting guests to the festivities. The traditional hosts are the parents of the bride, but it is becoming more common for both families to split responsibilities or the couple may host the event themselves. Depending on the “who” for this section, you can include the titles and full names of the hosts. 

  • The honor of your presence or the pleasure of your company. There are two main ways that you can share what the hosts are asking for in e-invite wedding language. If you are getting married in a place of worship, it is most common to write “the honor of your company.” But for any other event space (think a hotel or restaurant), you can go for the more casual “pleasure of your company” in your wedding e-invite.

  • The name of the guests of honor (aka you and your partner). Your wedding is one of the most significant days of your lives, and you and your partner are the headliners. Make your and your partner’s names as boldly as possible to show the key players in the event. If you want to follow the traditional rules, and if the bride’s parents are hosting and she shares their last name, you can simply write her first and middle name. From there, you should add in the groom’s title and full name.

  • The date and time of the event. While your Save the Dates covered the basics of your event and where and when it would happen, your wedding e-invite should get into all of the specifics. The most important part of your wedding evite wording is when exactly guests should arrive. Many wedding experts suggest padding the timing of your event, which will allow you to budget for any latecomers. In terms of proper wedding e-invite etiquette, you should also write out everything, including the day and year. For example, the year should be written as “two thousand twenty-three.” 

  • The name and address of the venue. Next up, your wedding e-invites should detail where all of the fun is happening. You should write out the name of your ceremony venue, followed by the street address. If you are hosting your reception in the same place, you can write “Reception to follow” and move on to the next part of your wedding electronic invite. However, if you are asking your guests to relocate, you will want to include that information below.

  • RSVP information. You need to know exactly how many people will ultimately attend your event, so make these instructions as clear as possible. With printed wedding invites, it is common to include a RSVP and addressed envelope with your stationery suite. But with e-invites wedding guests should be directed to an email or wedding website to reply for the event. You will also want to include some sort of deadline, so guests know when you will need to receive their responses prior to the big day.

With the essentials of your wedding e-invite outlined, it is also important to remember that these are by no means required. With inventions like the wedding electronic invite, there are also new ways to handle practically every aspect of your wedding. You and your partner should feel comfortable and aligned with the message you are sending out to your guests as well. There are so many methods to sharing this happy news, and these are a few examples of how you can write it all down:

E-Invite Wedding Sample Wording #1

Here is what the most formal approach looks like for a wedding e-invite hosted at a classic venue:

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Robert Swanson

request the pleasure of your company

at the marriage of their daughter

Delilah Lane


Mr. Richard Thomas Evans

Saturday, the sixteenth of December 

[two thousand twenty-three]

at half after four o’clock

1 Hotel New York

1414 6th Avenue

New York, New York

Formal reception to follow

Please RSVP by December 1

E-Invite Wedding Sample Wording #2

For a more informal take for your wedding e-invites, and if you do not want to name the hosts directly, try something like this: 

Please join us in celebrating 

the wedding of




March 20, 2023

5 o’clock in the evening


Denver, Colorado

E-Invite Wedding Sample Wording #3

If both families have offered to help with the wedding, you should use the phrases “together with their families.” Here is an example of that for wedding e-invite:

Together with their families

Amelia Crofton

and Patrick Braemere

invite you to celebrate their wedding

Saturday, September fourth

two thousand twenty-two

four in the afternoon

Lowndes Grove in Charleston, SC

After reviewing these wedding e-invite examples, we hope that you can now understand that there is not one “correct” way to write out your wedding evite. Based on your theme and general wedding vibe, you can go in several directions with your stationery. As you write out your own, double and triple check that all of the details are confirmed and that everything is spelled correctly.

How to Address Wedding E-Invites for Different Guests

Another aspect of proper wedding e-invite etiquette is knowing how to appropriately address your guests. While you do not need to include the full home addresses of your guests, the rest of the suggestions for formal invites are recommended for wedding e-invites as well. We will break down exactly how each type of guest (or guests) should be addressed on your wedding e-invite.

  • For individuals: You should use your guest’s full name and title, but the middle name is not necessary—especially when it is a wedding e-invite. For example, “Mr. John Anderson.”

  • For individuals who are allowed to have a plus-one: If you are inviting a friend or relative and giving them the opportunity to bring a plus-one, you can simply write their full name and title with “and Guest” at the end. This is mostly for those who do not have a partner, but can bring a friend as their date.

  • For couples who are married (whether or not they share the same last name): Traditionally speaking, there are two options for wedding e-invites that are sent out to couples. If they share the same last name, it is common to include the man’s full name with both of their titles. For example, this would look like, “Mr. and Mrs. John Anderson.” If they do not share the same last name, you can feature the woman’s name first with the title “Mrs.” or “Ms.” followed by the man’s full name and title. 

  • For couples who live together, but are not married: Similar to the married couple format where they have different last names, you should add the woman’s name and title first, followed by the man’s name and title. 

  • For families with children under the age of 18: If you are sending out a wedding e-invite to a family with kids under 18, you can send all of them only one invitation. You can address the outer envelope to the parents only, and then in the inner envelope, make sure to write the parents’ names on one line and their kids’ first names on the line (or lines) below. 

  • For families with children over the age of 18: Even if a family is still living under the same roof, you need to send out separate wedding e-invites to children if they are 18 or older. You can follow the above guidelines to address those particular e-invites wedding guests will receive. 

  • For guests with professional titles: You could have a doctor, judge, military personnel or other guest with a formal title. If that is the case, you should spell out their title. For instance, it should say, “Doctor Martha Anderson and Mr. Anderson” or “The Honorable John Anderson and Mrs. Anderson.” Do your research and make sure you respect these distinguished guests before sending out your invites.

Your wedding electronic invite will streamline your stationery design process, but you should also pay close attention to respecting your guests by addressing them properly. When you send your e-invite wedding guests will be so grateful to see their full names and titles listed. Keep these standards and samples in mind as you map out everything related to your wedding e-invite.

wedding e-invite floral design example

Why Choose Electronic Wedding Invitations?

Wedding e-invites offer some real advantages for you and your partner in letting your friends and family members know about your upcoming wedding. By choosing an electronic wedding invitation, you can adjust your design to match your wedding evites websites and other elements of your wedding décor and stationery. Here are some of the most vital benefits of wedding e-invites for your upcoming event:

  • Saving money: One of the most obvious advantages of selecting an electronic wedding invite for your ceremony and reception is the lower cost of these wedding invites compared with printed invitations. Even if some of your guests will still need mailed wedding invites, you can often save a considerable amount of money by creating a wedding e-invite to send to those who use email frequently and who can receive these electronic wedding invites easily. Reducing the cost of printing and postage can allow you to focus your financial resources on other elements of your wedding planning checklist.
  • Customizing your wedding e-invites: Customization for electronic wedding invites can allow you to create a unique work of art to send to family and friends. Your electronic wedding invites can be matched to your wedding e-invite website, your Save the Date cards, your wedding décor or to any other element of your wedding to showcase your own personal style.
  • Protecting the environment: Eliminating the environmental costs of transporting mailed wedding invites and of printing these invitations can have a real impact on the carbon footprint associated with your wedding. For green-conscious couples and guests, this can make a significant difference in the overall appeal of the entire event.
  • Staying in contact with guests: Your electronic wedding invite can include links to your wedding website. This can allow you to accept responses to your wedding invites much more easily and can allow your invited guests to ask questions on your website. You can even follow up with guests to make sure you have all responses to your wedding invites in a timely way. This can add up to better lines of communication between you and your guests throughout the process leading up to your wedding day. 
  • Delivering your wedding evite more quickly: Wedding e-invites can arrive within seconds or minutes of sending them. By contrast, printed wedding invites can take weeks or months to arrive at their destinations. By choosing a wedding evite, you can eliminate many delays and instances of lost mail that can occur with traditional wedding invites.

These obvious benefits can make wedding evites an outstanding solution for modern wedding invitations. By opting for electronic wedding invite options from Bliss & Bone, you can reduce your costs for wedding invites while protecting the environment and establishing clear lines of communication between you and your guests.

How Much Does a Wedding E-invite Cost?

In general, electronic wedding invites cost much less than their printed counterparts. Since couples can spend about half of what they make in a year on their wedding plans, finding ways to cut costs can be important to ensure that all elements of the wedding are affordable for you and your partner.

Demand for venues and increased scheduling for weddings have had an impact on the wedding industry. With costs expected to increase considerably because of the heightened demand, you will likely pay more for venues, catering and other elements of your wedding celebration. This can make managing your wedding budget a much more challenging proposition for you and your partner.

The average cost of a wedding was a little over $20,000 for 2020, with prices expected to be higher this year. Even though costs can vary depending on where you plan to marry, the expenses associated with your wedding e-invite and wedding website will typically be only a tiny fraction of the overall expenses you will incur for your wedding. The lower cost of going digital for your wedding invites can make a substantial difference in your budget for this very special event.

Sending Your Wedding Evites Around the World

One of the major advantages of electronic wedding invitations is the ease of delivery they make possible. Even if you are sending your wedding evite to countries around the world, the features available from Bliss & Bone make it easy to communicate quickly and effectively with the ones you wish to invite to your wedding celebration. One of the most important features of our wedding invites is the support we offer for multiple languages for your wedding e-invites. This functionality makes it easier than ever before to create and send your wedding e-invite to every person on your guest list. Whether you are sending an evite for wedding reception guests or electronic wedding invites that link to your website, Bliss & Bone has the right solutions for you.

  • Wedding evites in Canada: If you are inviting guests from north of the border, Bliss & Bone can help you design and send wedding evites in Canada that are in the correct language and that make a real impact on the recipients. Since some wedding evites in Canada are likely intended for French-speaking individuals, our support for various languages is a valuable feature for your wedding invites.
  • Wedding evites in Australia: Bliss & Bone also makes it easy to design and deliver wedding evites for Australia residents. If you need to send wedding evites to Australia, you can save on postage and reduce the time in transit by opting for electronic wedding invitations from Bliss & Bone.
  • Wedding evites in Mexico: Sending your wedding evites to Mexico can eliminate delays caused by customs or postal service problems. Bliss & Bone makes it easy to send wedding evites to Mexico in the language with which your recipients are most comfortable.
  • Wedding evites in the UK: Long travel times can be an issue for wedding invites traveling to the United Kingdom. By selecting wedding evites for UK residents, you can ensure that your invitations reach your invited guests in plenty of time to allow them to plan to attend. Wedding evites for UK guests are an excellent way to eliminate issues with delays and lost invitations that could otherwise mar your perfect wedding plans.
  • Wedding evites around the globe: Wherever your family and friends live, Bliss & Bone can help you to design a beautiful electronic wedding invitation that can be translated into multiple languages for easier communication. Our electronic wedding invite options can be tailored to your specific needs and can incorporate all of the most important features to help your guests in their own planning processes.

Wherever your guests live, your electronic wedding invitations can reach them quickly and in a language they can read and understand. Bliss & Bone makes it easy to create an electronic wedding invitation that will delight your guests and will alert them to your upcoming wedding reception and ceremony.

Choosing the Perfect Electronic Wedding Invitations for Your Big Day

At Bliss & Bone, we offer an array of wedding evite examples and templates that can provide the starting point for your own creative process. Whether you prefer an elegant and streamlined electronic wedding invite or wedding invites that feature ornate patterns and backgrounds, our selection of wedding e-invites can help you find the perfect electronic wedding invitations for your special day.

  • Exotic: Selecting an exotic wedding evite can complement your wedding theme and décor. Bliss & Bone offers an outstanding selection of wedding evite options and examples that can help you make the best impression on those invited to your wedding celebration.
  • BohemianBohemian electronic wedding invites from Bliss & Bone can create a carefree and breezy look for your wedding invites and can complement your wedding theme perfectly.
  • Botanical: For nature lovers, selecting a botanical wedding e-invite can make these paperless wedding evites something truly special. We offer an array of botanical wedding e-invite options that are ideally suited for your aesthetic preferences.
  • ModernModern wedding evites are available in a range of styles and colors that can be matched to your wedding décor, your website or your printed wedding invites. Modern Save the Date wedding evites can be the starting point for your entire wedding stationery suite design.
  • FloralElectronic wedding invitations with floral themes are one of the most popular options for wedding invites at Bliss & Bone. If you are looking for an elegant evite for wedding reception and ceremony plans, our floral wedding evites are an excellent choice for you and your partner.
  • Rustic: If you are planning a wedding with down-home hospitality, a rustic wedding e-invite can reinforce this casual approach to your wedding ceremony and reception. Rustic wedding invites are as varied as the couples who choose them. Bliss & Bone has the best selection of rustic themes for your wedding evites websites and electronic wedding invitations. We can help you make the best impression possible on all those invited to your wedding.
  • Black and white: For a classic go-to wedding theme, a black and white wedding e-invite is an ultra-chic concept. These also range from modern to botanical, so you can find one wedding e-invite that perfectly matches your specific theme.
  • Metallic: Gold and silver are the two most popular options, but you can find ways to incorporate metallics into your wedding e-invites too. While printed ones typically offer metallic foil, there are metallic colors that can give your wedding e-invite a similar effect.
  • Moody: Set the tone and mood for your event with a color palette that says it all. Moody wedding e-invites typically come with a darker set of colors, so black, white and even dark green and red are all popular hues for this specific category.
  • Vintage: You can create wedding e-invites that seem to harken back to a different time period. While we often associate deckle edges to printed invites, your e-invite can showcase such an aesthetic as well. A vintage wedding e-invite might also feature old stamps, florals and other elements that are bold and unique.
  • Minimal: Keep things simple and modern by designing a minimal wedding e-invite. Minimalism is often associated with creating more space on a page and using serif fonts. There is something so elegant and elevated about this theme and e-invite wedding design. 
  • Fruit: If you like the idea of a totally original, modern wedding e-invite template, choose one that has fruit on it. From pears to figs, you can find beautiful wedding e-invites that fit this fresh take on stationery.

The wedding e-invites available from Bliss & Bone can be customized to suit your specific aesthetic preferences. This can allow you to match your electronic wedding invitation to your website, your wedding décor or any other element of your wedding. We make it easy to create a wedding evite that offers real appeal not only for your guests but for you and your partner as well.

Charlotte Wedding Invitation
Online Wedding Invitation
Charlotte Wedding Invitation
Cybil Rehearsal Dinner Invitation
Online Rehearsal Dinner Invitation
Cybil Rehearsal Dinner Invitation
Camila Wedding Invitation
Online Wedding Invitation
Camila Wedding Invitation
Lulu Save the Date
Save the Date Online
Lulu Save the Date
Paloma Wedding Invitation
Online Wedding Invitation
Paloma Wedding Invitation
Raine Save the Date
Save the Date Online
Raine Save the Date
Tara Rehearsal Dinner Invitation
Online Rehearsal Dinner Invitation
Tara Rehearsal Dinner Invitation
Kieran Rehearsal Dinner
Online Rehearsal Dinner Invitation
Kieran Rehearsal Dinner
Elodie Wedding Invitation
Online Wedding Invitation
Elodie Wedding Invitation

Components of Your Paperless Wedding Evites

Putting together your wedding e-invite can be challenging. These elements of your electronic wedding invitation are necessary to provide the best experience for your guests when planning to attend your wedding:

  • Basic date, time and location data: Your wedding e-invite should make all the most essential information plain and clear to your invited guests. Just like traditional wedding invites, your wedding e-invites will serve as reference points for your guests and can provide valuable information to guide their planning processes.
  • Information on venues, transportation and accommodations: You can also include links to your website on your electronic wedding invite. This can allow your guests to access information on the venues chosen for your big day, transportation options in the area and accommodations for out-of-town guests. Your wedding e-invites are an excellent way to provide detailed information that would take up too much space on printed wedding invites.
  • Guidance on expected attire and policies for plus ones: In most cases, a line or two about the attire you expect at your wedding and the policy on additional guests will go a long way toward helping you plan your wedding more effectively. Including these lines on your electronic wedding invite is recommended to tell your guests what to expect during your ceremony and reception.
  • Personalized information about you and your partner: You can also link your electronic wedding invitation to a page on your website that is all about you and your partner. This can help your guests to feel more connected to you during the leadup to your upcoming wedding.
  • Images, graphics and other design elements: These components of your wedding e-invite can make it stand out from the crowd and are responsible for much of the appeal of your wedding evites. By customizing your electronic wedding invitations with your own photos or images and graphics available on the Bliss & Bone site, you can create the perfect wedding evite for your upcoming celebration.
  • Any added information you and your partner want to share: Because of the added flexibility made possible by wedding evites, you can choose to include a wide range of other information and links to your wedding website. This can make your wedding invites even more useful to those who receive them and can allow you to create a wedding evite that serves your needs and impresses your guests.

The design and layout of your wedding e-invite is a matter of personal preference. In most cases, the date, time, location and names of the happy couple are placed in prominent positions on your wedding evites. The graphics, designs, fonts and organization of your electronic wedding invitation, however, can be configured to suit the tastes of you and your partner and to highlight your own unique love story.

Pairing Wedding Invites With Wedding Evites Websites

Your wedding website is an integral part of your electronic wedding suite. By connecting your electronic wedding invitation to your website, you can enjoy some significant advantages in tracking, monitoring and managing your guest list. Creating the perfect wedding website can streamline the process of accepting RSVPs, receiving and answering questions and providing the right information for guests planning to attend your wedding. Some of the most important features to include in your wedding e-invite website include the following:

  • A copy of your electronic wedding invite: Making sure that your wedding date, time and location are available on your website will help you to avoid confusion among your guests and will provide a second reference point if your initial wedding e-invite is inadvertently deleted or lost. This can supplement your electronic wedding invitation in a practical and beautiful way.
  • RSVP functionality: Your wedding e-invite should include a link to your website specifically for accepting responses from your guests. This can help you to manage your RSVPs much more efficiently and can even help you to determine the number of guests who plan to attend well in advance of the big day. 
  • Information on accommodations and transportation options: Your electronic wedding invitation and website should provide detailed information on any blocks of rooms reserved at local hotels, transportation to and from the venues associated with your wedding and other details that can make it much easier for your guests to plan their travel arrangements to attend your wedding.
  • A beautiful and unique design: At Bliss & Bone, we can help you match your wedding e-invite to your website and other elements of your wedding. This can create a cohesive look for your wedding e-invites, your Save the Date notifications and all other elements of your wedding design.
  • Personal touches: Adding an About Us or an Our Story page to your wedding website can provide a welcome bonus for guests who visit your website after receiving your electronic wedding invite. This section of your website can include photos of you and your partner, a brief description of how you met and even pictures of your wedding party. This can help you to build excitement among your invited guests before the big day arrives.
  • Custom website URLs: While most providers of electronic wedding invitation and website services can provide a generic website address linked to their site, Bliss & Bone and other elite sources for wedding e-invites also allow you to use custom URLs for your website. This can make it much easier for your guests to remember the online location of your website and can increase the impact of your electronic wedding invite for those who plan to attend.
  • Maps and directions: Even if transportation is available to your wedding venues from local hotels and other accommodations, adding maps and directions from major landmarks and linking this information to your wedding evites can prove useful for those who are driving in from nearby areas. This information can also be incorporated into your wedding invites to ensure the best experience for everyone on your guest list.

Your website can be used after your wedding to update guests on your achievements, to stay in touch with friends and family and as a keepsake of your wedding day. As you and your partner build your life together, your electronic wedding invite and website will remain as a reminder of this very special day in both your lives.

Building Your Electronic Wedding Invite

Creating an elegant and memorable electronic wedding invitation can be a shared experience for you and your partner. Bliss & Bone makes it simple to design your wedding e-invite from start to finish by using the following steps:

  1. Choose your electronic wedding invitation provider: While some providers offer free wedding evites, these options are usually bare-bones interfaces that do not provide the same level of customization options as Bliss & Bone. This can reduce your ability to create a unique and elegant wedding e-invite and may also affect some of the other features you want for your wedding invites.
  2. Decide on a theme: If you have already chosen a theme for your wedding, your wedding invites can carry through that theme with similar or matching design options. This can help you to create an electronic wedding invite that meshes perfectly with your other wedding stationery, décor and overall look and feel.
  3. Enter your information: The Bliss & Bone wedding e-invite templates and builder allows you to enter the date, time, location and your names during the first part of the design process. This can ensure that your wedding evites contain this vital information for your guests.
  4. Collect email addresses: Because your evites are sent out electronically, you will need email addresses for those you plan to invite. You can also combine printed wedding invites with your wedding e-invite to make sure that everyone is included in your celebration.
  5. Create your own unique design: Your wedding e-invite should reflect your own personal tastes. This will make it a valued electronic memento of this big day for many years into the future.
  6. Upload email addresses and test your invites: Once you have completed the design of your wedding invitations, you can test it with your own email address to make sure that your invite works as expected. If your initial tests go well, you can then schedule your wedding invitation delivery to suit your needs.
  7. Send your wedding e-invites: After tweaking and testing your wedding invites, you can send them to your guests. This step in the process typically occurs after you pay your provider for these services.
  8. Track your RSVPs: Bliss & Bone offers automated response tracking that can help you manage your guest list requirements much more efficiently. This can provide help in arranging for catering and seating at your wedding reception and ceremony.

At Bliss & Bone, we offer intuitive interfaces and the most practical assistance in creating beautiful wedding websites and invitations you and your partner will be proud to share with all of your friends, family members and those invited to your wedding.

If you ultimately decide to build your wedding e-invite at Bliss & Bone, you will use the online builder to customize your unique stationery. Wedding evites will often have several components, as we’ve described, and you have the opportunity to make yours unlike any other set available. We’ve gone over what you’ll need to do, in general, but here are the exact steps to follow while creating a wedding e-invite through Bliss & Bone: 

  1. Choose your favorite wedding e-invite design. There are so many evites wedding couples love, and you need to find the best one that matches your personality, style and event type. You can browse a variety of wedding evite options, and then click “Customize” when you’ve found the right design. 
  2. Design the wedding e-invite card itself. Clicking “Customize” will take you to the online builder, where you can start by making changes to the evites wedding guests will receive shortly. You can select a different option for the look of the card, down to the appearance of texture on the screen. This can add unexpected movement to your wedding evites. 
  3. Make changes to the background. A wedding electronic invite will also come with a unique background, which you can customize in the builder as well. Similar to the e-invite card, you can alter the appearance of the look and feel of this part of the design. 
  4. Adjust the text on your wedding evite. Once the card and background meet your expectations, you can select the button marked as “A.” This is where you will change the text on your wedding e-invite. You can adjust the size of the text, how far the letters and lines are spaced out, the font color, orientation, and font type. If you want to add even more details to your evites wedding information can extend with your use of the “Add a Text Box” component. Simply click on it and then fill in the additional copy before moving it around on the page. 
  5. Add card effects or shadow overlays. Another standout for evites wedding guests can receive is the ability to create special effects and shadows. In the e-invite building section marked by a paintbrush icon, you can add a border, drop shadow or even a shadow effect over the page. 
  6. Drag and drop objects, illustrations and graphics. The next section in the wedding e-vite builder is all about personalization through objects, illustrations or graphics. Look through all of the options available for your wedding electronic invite and then select the design (or designs) that best fit your e-invite. You can also make the object, illustration or graphic of your choice smaller in the wedding e-invite builder.
  7. Upload a custom logo or monogram. In the “&” part of the evites wedding builder, you have the opportunity to add a custom logo or monogram to the card. When you purchase one for your wedding evite, it will appear under “My Logos,” which you can use for both your wedding e-invite and wedding website. Later on in this guide, we’ll talk about why so many couples choose this feature for their wedding evite. If you created your own outside of Bliss & Bone, you can also upload it in the following and final section within this phase in the builder. 
  8. Confirm all of the details on your wedding e-invite. If everything looks good to you and your partner, you can move on to design the email associated with your wedding evites by clicking “Next.” 
  9. Submit all details for your e-invite. You will then be prompted to fill out everything related to the event itself. This includes the name of the event (i.e. John and Jane’s Wedding), the start and end dates and times, venue address, host(s) name(s), e-invite subject and more. You will see a preview to the right of your screen, which will help you visualize the evites wedding guests will see in their inboxes. When you are ready to continue on in the process, click “Next” again. 
  10.  Set up your event page. In this step, you will make decisions like receiving RSVPs, adding a note or map, including links, creating a comment wall and more. Remember that if you are ultimately collecting RSVPs through your wedding website, as opposed to your wedding evites, you will want to toggle the RSVP to “off.” After that, click “Add a Button,” and then enter the link to your wedding website, which will direct people from your wedding e-vite to your site. 
  11. Manage your recipients section. At this point, your evites wedding guest information is important. You will have the chance to upload all of their details, which are the names of all individuals, couples and families you’re inviting and an email address associated with each person or party. Even though you are sending these out via email, you still only need to send one invitation per household—which many wedding couples forget! That being said, you still want to make sure to double- or even triple-check this part before heading to the next step. 
  12. Send your wedding evites! Once you’re content with your evites wedding planning will continue onto the next phase—likely handling the last-minute details that come in the leadup to your special day. 

This is a multi-step process, but the Bliss & Bone wedding electronic invite builder was made with your convenience in mind. You will have prompts that remind you to input everything your guests will need when they receive your wedding e-vite. One of couples’ favorite parts of the online builder is that you can continue reviewing a preview as you create your custom design. 

Attention to detail is paramount during this part of your stationery to-do list, so enlist your partner (and perhaps a friend or relative!) to review everything before you send out a wedding evite to all of your guests. The last thing you want is getting flooded with questions from your guests, so providing a clear and concise wedding e-invite will help you and your partner avoid any extra phone calls, texts or emails in the leadup to your event.

wedding e-invite floral design examples

When Should You Send Out Electronic Wedding Invitations?

Creating your website and sending out wedding invites should happen fairly early on your wedding planning timeline to ensure that all guests have adequate time to plan to attend. Your wedding planning timeline is a significant part of your process, and these are the items you need to complete prior to sending out your wedding e-invites. Check each one off as you go, and you will feel prepared and accomplished:

  1. Determine your wedding budget. Before you can do anything else, including your wedding e-invites, you and your partner need to understand how much you (or your hosts) can feasibly pay for your venue and every vendor. If there are any other individuals who have offered to help pay for your festivities, they should be in this conversation as well. You want everyone to be on the same page and comfortable before you start researching the best potential venues and vendors.

  2. Consider hiring a professional wedding planner. Already feeling overwhelmed by the process of planning your epic celebration? If your budget can accommodate it, think seriously about hiring a professional wedding planner. These experts should be local to the wedding venue, so they can offer the most helpful insights and pieces of advice on everything from decor to your wedding e-invite design. If you want other assistance options, consider exploring the availability of a month-of or day-of coordinator, who will help with more that needs to be done on the day of your wedding.

  3. Think about your ideal guest count. Your e-invites wedding details start with the number of people you plan to attend your celebration. In general, it is best to assume that about 15 percent of your guests will say “no.” Depending on your budget and how many people you and your partner envision celebrating with, there are so many ways to go here. From an intimate microwedding to a big, 200-plus-person wedding, you can navigate through this however you and your partner would like.

  4. Do your research and book your venue. You and your partner also need to discuss where you will say “I do.” Some couples love the idea of getting married in their hometown or current city, while others dream of a luxurious destination wedding. Think through the “where” and then start researching top venues in that particular area. It is highly recommended that you visit every location before fully committing to one. So, if it is possible, book a tour and get a feel for every space. Once you have found the best one for you, verify that they have a date that works for everyone and then submit your deposit. 

  5. Design your wedding website and Save the Dates. Wedding websites should typically be completed around six to nine months before your wedding date. Save the Date cards can be sent out when your wedding website is complete, again, right around six to nine months before the big day. If you opt into online Save the Dates, you can easily connect your wedding website to it all. And later, you will love having the opportunity to seamlessly direct guests to your website from your formal wedding e-invite.

  6. Customize and send out your wedding e-invites. Finally, your wedding e-invites should be delivered between six to eight weeks prior to the date of your ceremony or reception. However, if you are having a destination wedding, it is completely reasonable to send out your wedding e-invites earlier to give your guests ample time to plan. Guests will need to figure out childcare, petcare and work obligations as they evaluate whether or not they can attend, and they may even need to renew their passports. You will also need to ask guests to submit their wedding e-invite RSVPs by about two to three weeks before the celebration. 

These are important steps to your planning process, but these are the items that relate to your wedding e-invites. You will want to tackle other to-dos, including your attire, table settings, decor and much more. And in addition to your website, Save the Dates and wedding e-invite, you can also match your stationery to rehearsal dinner invitations and wedding menus (more on those later!).

How to Track Responses to Your Wedding E-Invite

After you have designed your dream invitations, you need to know who is able to attend your big day. There are two primary options when it comes to receiving and tracking RSVPs from your wedding e-invite. You can either collect responses to evites wedding guests send out through (a) your event page or (b) your wedding website. It is most common to connect your wedding e-invite to your wedding website, but we will explain how both work. From there, you and your partner can make an informed decision about designing and sending out a wedding e-vite to each of your guests. 

Tracking Responses via Wedding E-Invite

If you choose to collect RSVPs through your wedding electronic invite, you need to ensure that this feature is marked as “on” within your event page. It should be noted that you can only get basic information about whether guests can or cannot attend. You do not have the ability to ask other questions, like meal preferences, dietary restrictions, transportation or accommodation information and anything else you need to know. It also will show the number of guests within each party that are going, but it will not reveal the names of the guests. For instance, if a family of five marks that only three will attend, you will need to confirm which three individuals you can expect to see at your wedding. 

Tracking Responses via Wedding Website

As we mentioned earlier in this guide, you can connect your wedding website to your wedding e-vite by adding a button to your event page. By featuring this button, your guests will know to click on it to easily RSVP. Bonus tip: Give it an identifiable and actionable marker, like “RSVP on our website” to provide more context for your guests. From there, you can share more information (and adorable photos!) that will allow your guests to prepare for your celebration.

There are a lot of decisions you’ll need to make as you design your wedding electronic invite and everything that goes with it. We often recommend that couples design a wedding e-invite that will easily connect to a wedding website. Bliss & Bone’s designs not only match, but they are also made to create the easiest, most streamlined experience for you and your guests. This is one key step you want to make sure is as clear and easy to use as possible, to ensure that your guests will know what to do—without needing to ask you and your partner for help along the way. 

If you’re ever uncertain about building the evites wedding guests will RSVP to, you can always head over to our FAQ pages. There, you can find helpful guides and videos to show you exactly what to do. Your wedding e-invite should be as beautiful as it is efficient (for you, your partner and your guests), and our team is eager to assist you throughout your journey. 

What to Do After Tracking Your Wedding E-Invite RSVPs

After building out your wedding e-invite design and sending them out, you can look at your account and see how many people have replied with “yes” or “no.” Hopefully, your guests will respect your deadline and submit their responses in a timely manner. Once all of them are in, you want to make sure that you and your relevant vendors are aware of the final numbers. Here is what you need to do after confirming e-invites wedding RSVPs. 

  1. Reach out to any of those who have not RSVPed for your wedding day. It is possible that some guests will not abide by your planning timeline. So, you are more than welcome to reach out via text, phone or email and verify their attending status. This will also give you an opportunity to say hello and catch up with one of your favorite people.

  2. Send out the final guest numbers to your vendors. At this point, you will be fielding calls from vendors who want to confirm every detail. During those conversations, you want to confirm your guest list, especially for vendors like the caterers, venue coordinator and your planner.

  3. Think about where you want to sit at the reception. With everyone in your group accounted for, you will want to determine where you will sit at the reception. Some couples love the idea of getting some alone time at a sweetheart table, while others are interested in being seated at a long table with their family or wedding party. 

  4. Group all of your guests by table. After you know where you will sit, you should think through which people should sit together. You can group your guests by family, where you met them (high school, college, work, etc.) or randomly. These cohesive groups can help everyone have the most positive experience imaginable at your celebration. During this deliberation, you will also need to decide whether you want to give guests seat or table assignments. For the former, you will assign a specific guest to a seat. And if you are interested in the latter, you will give them a table assignment and free reign to choose any seat.

  5. Design your dream seating chart display. It is common for guests to review a chart or table on display at the cocktail hour and see where they will be sitting at the reception. You can simply place name cards on a table and feature their table number or name on each one, or you can get super creative. We have seen couples design champagne walls, world maps and more that uniquely show off these details. 

Your wedding evite is one part of the process, and there is a lot to do after you receive those RSVPs. You will only have about two to three weeks to organize yourself, so do as much prep work as you can while you wait for the final numbers to come in. And if you run out of time to fully complete your vision, do not get stressed out. You can ask for help from your planner or friends and family, and you can even change up your idea to take some of the pressure off.

The Best Features for E-Invites Wedding Couples Can Design on Bliss & Bone

Your wedding e-invite can go to the next level with help from the experts at Bliss & Bone. Our unique designs come with special features that you will love to explore and review. You can look through the various wedding e-invite templates available, or you can even start from scratch and create a completely personalized design for your event. These are a few of the standout offerings our site provides to wedding couples:

  • Language support: If you have guests who are not English speakers or readers, you can use our foreign language support services to make wedding e-invites that can be easily understood by all of your guests.

  • Customized email designs and wedding e-invites: You will not only have the opportunity to design and personalize your own card, but you can also craft exactly what the email will look like when your guests open it. 

  • Personalized event page: Beyond the email, guests can be transported to a specific event page that will set the tone and expand upon your wedding e-invite design. There, you can also add an interactive map, comment wall and much more.

  • Add unique photos, graphics and illustrations: We have a massive gallery of photos, graphics and illustrations that will fit with nearly all themes or aesthetics. From botanical leaves to mountain-inspired accents, there are so many ways to design your wedding e-invites. 

  • Create shadows and textures: You can also add shadow overlays and textures to make your wedding e-invite more dimensional and lively. Switch up the look of the background or card and it will feel like your wedding e-invite is literally bouncing off the screen. 

  • Switch up the text effects: You can make your wedding e-invites look like they are a formal letterpress card by testing out fonts and text effects that completely transform your online template. 

  • Directly link to your wedding website: Your wedding e-invite can take guests directly to your wedding website for even more details about the festivities that await you and your guests. There, you can upload photos, recommend things to do in your area and anything else you would love to share with your favorite people.

  • Match the rest of your stationery suite: You can find cohesive templates for all things related to your stationery. These items include your Save the Dates, rehearsal dinner invites and wedding menus.

Many of these features are unique to the offerings at Bliss & Bone. We have a wedding e-invite builder that is as comprehensive as it is extensive, which gives you the freedom to personalize your invites in any way you can imagine. Remember all of these functions as you make your way through the building and designing process, and prepare to get as creative as possible while working on this with your partner. 

Matching Your Wedding E-Invite Design to the Rest of Your Stationery Suite

As we mentioned above, Bliss & Bone provides wedding couples with the unique opportunity to find already curated stationery sets. When you shop by collection, you and your partner can review existing stationery sets that take all of the guesswork out of your design process. So, rather than painstakingly crafting a full series of stationery must-haves, you can simply look over these curations and find the best option for your particular event. Many of our sets come with everything you need for your festivities. In addition to your wedding e-invite, these include:

  • Wedding website: Your wedding website design is generally the first item you will decide on. This should be created with the intent to clarify and specify all of the details that you might not be able to include in your Save the Dates or wedding e-invite.

  • Save the Dates: These are the first formal pieces of contact you will have with your guests. They are technically optional, but highly recommended, and all you need to do is include your and your partner’s names and where and when the event will take place.

  • Rehearsal dinner invitations: It is more common for the groom’s parents to host this event, but you may want to suggest a matching template that goes with the rest of your design elements.

  • Wedding menus: If there is a virtual Save the Date and an e-invite wedding guests will receive, you might only have one printed item on your list. The wedding menu will go on every table setting for your guests, so they can stay informed about each course that will be served throughout the reception.

There are so many items you will need to order for your event, and seeking out a collection of templates will give you more time and energy to focus on other aspects related to your big day. If you do want to start from scratch, that is also possible. Head over to the Start From Scratch builder and get started on your one-of-a-kind design ASAP.  

Why You Should Consider Adding a Custom Logo or Monogram to Your Wedding E-Invite

If you are curious about other methods that will spark your creativity and personalize your stationery items, look no further than a wedding logo or monogram. These require minimal effort on your end, and the process allows you to team up with a design to craft a special piece that you can add to your wedding e-invite, Save the Date and more. Here are the steps involved in designing your own logo or monogram:

  1. Look through the wedding logo or monogram examples available. Once you have found one that fits your theme and will work with your wedding e-invite design, you need to decide where it will go. You can purchase a logo or monogram that you use on only Bliss & Bone products, elsewhere or both. From there, you should add in the important text you want to include and click “Add to Cart.”

  2. Wait for your designer to send over a proof. At this step in the process, a dedicated designer will get to work on your product. They will customize one and upload it to your Bliss & Bone account within two business days. You get one revision with your order, so feel free to accept or suggest notes for your next proof.

  3. Approve of your design. You can now use your logo or monogram. If you have decided on one that works “elsewhere,” you will receive a print-ready file that you can use on everything from cocktail names to a glow-up sign at your reception.

  4. Upload your logo to your Save the Date, wedding e-invite and more. When your logo or monogram has been completed, you can upload it in the Bliss & Bone builder. Feel free to move it around, enlarge or minimize it and see what works best for your stationery.

Logos and monograms are a special way to signify your epic day. You can use it to connect everything from your wedding e-invite to the ceremony aisle (Yes, that has been done!). There is practically no limit to what you can use your logo or monogram on, so get creative and talk everything out with your partner and planner. 

Why Choose Bliss & Bone for Your Electronic Wedding Invitations?

At Bliss & Bone, we offer customized services that include unique wedding websites, printed and electronic wedding invitations and many other options that can make your wedding something truly special. To learn more, please visit us online or email us today at Our team is here to help you create an unforgettable wedding day experience for you, your partner, your wedding party and all others who attend.

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