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Find Your Wedding Invitation Background: Designs for Every Style

A flat lay showing various wedding invitation background ideas

An Array of Elegant Wedding Invitation Backgrounds From Bliss & Bone

Creating the perfect wedding invitation starts with an idea. At Bliss & Bone, we make it simple to find the right inspiration to create your own unique work of art and to share it with friends and family. One of the keys to building your wedding invite is to find the best wedding invitation background to suit your theme and the personal preferences of you and your partner.

While the wording, typography and photos you choose for your wedding invitations can definitely make an impact on the finished wedding invitation, the background you select will set the tone for your entire wedding invite. At Bliss & Bone, we offer an extensive array of thousands of wedding invitation backgrounds that can showcase your special day and can make your wedding invitations even more unique and memorable.

Wedding invitation backgrounds can complement your wedding theme and can create the perfect look and feel for your wedding invitations. Whether you are uploading your own wedding invite background image or choosing from among our array of the best wedding invite backgrounds, you can create a unique look for your wedding invite that will impress your guests and that will allow you to feel a sense of pride and ownership in the wedding invitation you have created.

What Is a Wedding Invitation Background?

Whether your wedding invitations are paperless or printed, they consist of a few simple elements that are combined to create your finished invite. These components include the following:

  • Fonts and typography: The text of your wedding invitations and the way this text appears will depend on the fonts and typography you choose. Sans serif fonts are simpler and offer a clean and streamlined look for your invitations. Serif fonts, by contrast, can often convey a sense of elegance and formality that can enhance the appearance of invites for traditional wedding ceremonies and receptions.
  • Foreground images: Photographs, graphics and other images are often used to complement text and to create a specific look and feel for wedding invites. These images may be photos you and your partner upload or may be chosen from the Bliss & Bone gallery of options.
  • Wedding invitations background designs: Wedding invitation backgrounds are usually subtle and enhance the overall look of your invites. From floral designs to unobtrusive patterns, Bliss & Bone can provide you with wedding invitation background options that will suit your wedding theme, your invitation style and your own personal aesthetic preferences.

Wedding invitation backgrounds are available in a wide range of styles to complement your theme. From elegant and subtle backgrounds to whimsical styles, you can select the best wedding invite backgrounds for your wedding plans from Bliss & Bone:

  • Playful wedding invitations background options may include animal photos, pictures of dinosaur bones and many other whimsical choices that can reflect the unique and lighthearted love you and your partner share. At Bliss & Bone, we offer an outstanding array of wedding invitation backgrounds that can convey a playful and elegant mood for your invited guests.
  • Architectural wedding invitation backgrounds are well suited to more formal weddings. These may include wedding invitation background options that reflect the look and feel of construction materials or that feature unique textures inspired by architectural themes.
  • Floral wedding invitation background choices are as varied as the flowers couples choose as part of their wedding decor. Finding the perfect floral wedding invitation background can allow you to create an elegant wedding invitation perfect for your planned ceremony and reception.
  • Foliage and greenery-based wedding invitation backgrounds are often chosen for outdoor weddings or for dramatic contrast with other elements of your wedding stationery suite. These wedding invitation background options are also ideally suited for rustic wedding styles and to make a real statement when designing your wedding invitations.
  • Geometric styles for wedding invitation backgrounds may include animal-inspired prints, color blocks or terrazzo-inspired images. By selecting a geometric wedding invitation background, you can create the perfect look for your wedding invite. Geometric wedding invitation background choices are available in a variety of hues and color schemes to match other elements of your wedding decor and stationery.
  • Fabric-inspired wedding invitation background options can mimic the look of linen, cotton and other types of cloth to create an elegant and pulled-together look for your invitations. Along with the paper you choose for your printed wedding invite, your wedding invite background can create a textured appearance that can also provide visual interest for paperless wedding invites. This can allow you to establish the same elegant look for all elements of your wedding stationery from printed invites to paperless wedding invitations and your wedding website.
  • Patterned wedding invitations background choices are among the most popular options for creating unique invites your guests will love. From simple dotted or striped wedding invite backgrounds to ornate patterns that reflect geological formations and modern art influences, you can find the perfect wedding invitations background options with a little help from Bliss & Bone.
  • Dramatic dark-hued wedding invitation backgrounds typically complement modern or formal weddings. These wedding invitation background options can carry over to your website to create the perfect mood for your upcoming ceremony and reception.
  • Geological patterns for wedding invitation backgrounds are another popular choice for elegant and refined wedding invitations and other elements of your wedding stationery. The right wedding invite background can turn an ordinary wedding invite into a stunning work of art created by you and your partner.
  • Neutral themes for your wedding invitation background can range from simple black-and-white designs to pastels that complement but do not overshadow your text and imagery.
  • Art-inspired wedding invitation backgrounds can take cues from popular paintings, styles of art and other elements to create a unique look for your wedding stationery. Whether you are looking for an avant-garde wedding invitation background or creating your own wedding invitations background design, Bliss & Bone offers artistic options that are sure to be exactly right for you.
  • Wedding invitation background images: Sometimes, the wedding invites background you and your partner will love most simply features a photo of the guests of honor. You can use a wedding invitation background image from your engagement photo session, or you can find a favorite from any time in your relationship history.

From brilliant and unforgettable wedding invitation backgrounds to a simple and rustic wedding invitation background, Bliss & Bone can help you to find the best wedding invitation background for your printed and paperless wedding invites. We offer an array of wedding invite samples that can help you create the wedding invitation suite and website you need for your upcoming wedding ceremony and reception.

The Importance of Wedding Invitation Backgrounds

Your wedding invitation background is the canvas on which your invite will appear. The same wedding invitations background can be used for Save the Date cards, wedding invites, insert cards and your wedding website. You can also start with a wedding invitation background template that will allow you to customize your wedding invites background to suit your color scheme, your wedding decor and many other elements of your wedding plans. Your wedding invitation background can allow you to tie together all the various parts of your wedding to create a cohesive and elegant look.

Without the right wedding invites background, your invitation may not have the visual appeal you want to impress your guests. By checking out the extensive list of wedding invitation background samples available on the Bliss & Bone website, you can find a wedding invitation background that will link your website with your Save the Date cards, printed invitations, paperless wedding invitation and your website.

Making sure that your wedding invitation background meshes well not only with the other elements of your invite, but also with your overall decor and the look and feel of your wedding will help you to create a cohesive look for your entire wedding. Your wedding invite background image can be the unifying factor that ties together all the disparate elements of your wedding communications. From your wedding website to your Save the Date cards, choosing the best wedding invitation backgrounds can allow you to customize your invites and website to create the most positive impression on your invited guests.

At Bliss & Bone, we make it easier to find the best wedding invite background for your once-in-a-lifetime wedding day. We can help you find the perfect wedding invitation backgrounds and the right wedding invite background picture to create an unforgettable look and feel for these treasured keepsakes and mementos of an important day in your life and that of your partner.

Online Wedding Invitation Examples
Tara Wedding Invitation
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Tara Wedding Invitation
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Nora Wedding Invitation
Lewis Website Announcement
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Lewis Website Announcement
Kinsley Save the Date
Save the Date Online
Kinsley Save the Date
Bradford Wedding Invitation
Online Wedding Invitation
Bradford Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invitations Background Options for Online and Printed Invites

The wedding invitation backgrounds available from Bliss & Bone can be used for printed invitations as well as online invitations to create a unique and customized appearance for your wedding invitation. Your wedding invite backgrounds will serve as a canvas upon which you can place your text and images to create the perfect look and feel for both printed and paperless invitations.

If you opt for a printed invitation, the wedding invitation background will be applied to the paper you choose before other printing is done. This will ensure that the background enhances rather than replaces the text and images you have chosen for your print invite. Your wedding invitation background images should work with the other elements you have chosen, including the paper on which your invites will be printed, the images you plan to use and the text and fonts you want. Bliss & Bone will make it easy to see an example of the finished product or to check out our wedding invite samples to find the best wedding invitation backgrounds for your upcoming nuptial events.

For online wedding invitations, the process can be even simpler. Because the Bliss & Bone interface allows you to try out numerous wedding invitation background options before deciding on the best wedding invite background for you, you can check out our gallery of wedding invitation background samples to find the perfect combination of images, text and wedding invitations background options for your invite. We offer wedding invitation background templates that can help you to create your own unique wedding invitations background design quickly and easily. By applying your own wedding invitation background ideas to the Bliss & Bone wedding invitation background template, you can create the perfect invite for your friends and family members for this very special day in your life.

Even more, you can think about wedding invitation backgrounds in two different ways when it comes to online wedding invitations. On a printed invitation, for instance, you simply need to find a background that is displayed on the card itself. But in the online invitation templates, you need to choose the wedding invitation background of the entire design and the background of the digital card. 

Here is how it works in the online builder:

  1. Find your favorite design. Once you have found the sample with the best possible wedding invitations background design, you can click on it and start making specific changes. 
  2. Change the wedding invitations background design. Your digital invitation will appear as a flat lay with a design underneath the card and envelope. You can leave the wedding invites background as is or test out different options from our collection of prints and photos. Plus, you can change up the texture and overall appearance of the wedding invites background.
  3. Alter the card’s wedding invitations background. Now, you can move on to handling the wedding invites background that goes underneath the text. You can choose from similar wedding invitations background templates and see if they fit with the overall look of the design. And just like the other wedding invitations background design, you can adjust the texture as well.

From a desert-inspired design to chic artistic styles, there is an endless supply of wedding invitation background images you can choose from. One of the main benefits of digital invites is that you get not one, but two different wedding invite backgrounds with your order. The variety of wedding invite backgrounds gives you another opportunity to customize your project and make it look exactly how you and your partner want it to appear. 

Finding the Perfect Wedding Invitation Background

You can look to plenty of sources when searching for wedding invite background ideas. Friends and family can often be a valuable resource in finding the best wedding invitation background ideas. You can also gain inspiration from many other sources, including the following:

  • Personal photos and favorite artworks: Uploading your own wedding invitation background image can make your invitation even more special for you and your partner. Whether you choose images for wedding invite backgrounds from your own digital photo albums or artworks or find the perfect images or wedding invitations backgrounds from our lineup of wedding invite samples, you can often discover brilliant wedding invite background ideas surprisingly close to home.
  • Wedding invitations: Invitations to the weddings of friends, colleagues or family members can often be a rich source of inspiration for finding your own wedding invitation background. If you see a wedding invitation background that appeals to you and your partner, you can scan the Bliss & Bone gallery of images or wedding invitations backgrounds to find a similar style. Alternatively, you may be able to upload these wedding invite background pictures and to alter them to suit your own specific aesthetic taste.
  • Hobbies and interests: When checking out our collection of wedding invite samples and images for wedding invitations backgrounds, looking for a design that reflects a shared interest can often help you find the best wedding invite background images for your wedding stationery suite. You may also be able to upload images for wedding invite backgrounds that show off these shared hobbies and interests to make your wedding invite background picture even more personal for you and your spouse-to-be.
  • Personal aesthetic tastes: If you have always dreamed of an elegant and floral invitation for your wedding, a floral wedding invitation background could be the perfect option for you. Our collection of wedding invitation background images can allow you to find the perfect floral, modern or artistic wedding invite background pictures to suit your taste perfectly.
  • Wedding themes: Chances are that you and your partner have already picked out a general theme for your wedding. We offer wedding invite background samples that are suited to a wide range of wedding themes. Whether you are looking for a rustic wedding invitation background to complement an outdoor or down-home wedding style or an elegant and modern wedding invitation background, our wedding invitation background templates will allow you to incorporate elements of your theme to customize your invite. Our lineup of wedding invitation background examples will allow you to find the perfect options for matching your wedding theme and creating visual interest for your invitations.
  • Flights of fancy: In some cases, you may want to convey a sense of light-hearted fun when creating your invitations. Incorporating a wedding invite background photo that highlights your sense of humor or whimsy can often make your invitation even more appealing for those on your guest list. You can upload your own wedding invite background photos or select a wedding invitation background from our lineup of wedding invite samples. At Bliss & Bone, we make it simple to create your own unique design with our easy-to-use wedding invitation background templates. This can help you to create the perfect invite for your once-in-a-lifetime wedding day.
  • Your wedding venue: Especially if you have chosen an outdoor or iconic venue for your wedding ceremony or reception, you can often find inspiration for your wedding invitations background design by incorporating elements of this setting into your overall theme. For instance, if you are planning a beach wedding, you can find a suitable wedding invite background example in our lineup of wedding invite samples. For a casual and relaxed wedding, a rustic wedding invitation background could be the perfect option for you.
  • City where you’re getting married: Similar to the venue, you can consider the area where you are saying “I do” as you think about potential wedding invite backgrounds. You can look for a cactus print that could serve as the perfect wedding invitation background image for your Arizona wedding, or seek out a snow-capped setting for a winter celebration. 
  • Wedding attire: What you wear to your wedding can also inform your choice among wedding invitation backgrounds. With so many options to choose from, the formality of your event can also factor into the wedding invitation backgrounds decision. To give you an idea of this, a black tie wedding could benefit from a complementary modern-minimalist, black and white wedding invitations background. Or, if you are interested in showcasing a specific color, like powder blue, you can find wedding invitation backgrounds that can help you bring in this pop of color.

Finding the right ideas for wedding invitation backgrounds can be challenging. At Bliss & Bone, we make it easier with our wedding invitation background template and wedding invitation background examples that can inspire your own unique work of art. If you are looking for the perfect wedding invitation background image, we are the perfect resource for you and your partner in planning the wedding of your dreams.

What to Avoid When Selecting Wedding Invitation Backgrounds

There are so many pieces of advice for couples mapping out their printed or digital wedding invitation designs, and that includes what *not* to do. Keep these considerations about wedding invitation backgrounds in mind as you weigh your options during the building process:

  • Do not let the wedding invitations background design overshadow your event details. While you want to choose a beautiful, one-of-a-kind wedding invitation background image, you want to focus on the importance of the copy. Guests need to clearly see and understand the details and not be totally distracted by your wedding invite background images. With this in mind, choosing a complementary wedding invitations background design is your best bet.
  • Make sure the colors in your wedding invitations background do not clash with your palette. You should double-check that the colors featured in your chosen wedding invitations background is cohesive with the other elements of your wedding. You can always request samples from your stationer for printed designs, and review your options online when it comes to wedding invitation backgrounds for digital designs.
  • Consider the season of the event, not the time of year when you’re sending it out. If you are hosting your event in December, you will most likely prepare and send out your invitations in the late summer or early fall months. With that in mind, you want to focus on wedding invitation background images that reflect the season of the actual event. Using this same example, you should seek out colors and objects in wedding invitation backgrounds that are representative of wintertime.

There is so much to look forward to when it comes to wedding invite background images, and it is possible to feel incredibly overwhelmed. By keeping these “don’ts” in mind, you will be even more prepared to choose the best possible wedding invitation background image for your special day.

What Is a Wedding Invitation Background PNG?

Portable network graphics files, better known as PNGs, are specifically designed to be used in online environments. For printed invitations, a vectorized file is required to provide the greatest flexibility and the highest printing quality for your wedding invitations. Your wedding invitation background PNG is intended for use on your wedding website, your digital wedding invitations and other digital communications.

In most cases, you will want both a wedding invitation background PNG and a vectorized file to allow you to use your wedding invitation background both digitally and in print. Your wedding invitation background PNG will allow you to create a custom and cohesive look for every element of your wedding stationery.

At Bliss & Bone, we unfortunately do not sell a wedding invitation background PNG or vectorized version of your wedding invitations background - but, that's because all our wedding invitation backgrounds are available online across all our platforms! Whether you choose to use your own wedding invite background photo or to select from one of our wedding invite background samples, you can create your own unique work of art with a little help from our website.

Some of our wedding invitation background png alternatives include options that range from botanical to rustic to sophisticated. You can find a variety of these relevant wedding invitation background images on our site and test out the various options in our online invitation builder. 

As you consider what you need a wedding invitation background png to show, think about the type of environment and style for your celebration. For instance, a wedding invitation background png that showcases a tropical leaf pattern would work perfectly with an event hosted in Hawaii or the Caribbean.

A flat lay displaying different types of solid and patterned wedding invitation backgrounds

Elements of Your Wedding Stationery Suite

Your wedding stationery includes more than invitations. Some of the most important parts of your wedding stationery suite will include the following items, nearly all of which can be enhanced by incorporating wedding invite background images or photos:

  • Save the Date cards are typically sent out as soon as a date has been set for your wedding ceremony and reception and are one of the first items that should appear on your timeline for planning your wedding. These cards often include wedding invite background photos that complement the theme or venue chosen for your wedding. By personalizing these early communications with the appropriate wedding invite backgrounds, you can create the most cohesive look for all aspects of your wedding stationery.
  • Invitations can be paperless, printed or a combination of both. Finding the right options from our selection of wedding invite samples can allow you to incorporate the perfect wedding invitation backgrounds into your printed or paperless invites to make a real impression on those who receive an invitation to your special day.
  • Insert cards for printed invites provide information that is not traditionally included in the formal wedding invite, which may include links to your wedding website, info on your wedding registry and a note about expected attire. Incorporating a wedding invitation background from one of our wedding invite background example options or a customized wedding invitations background can create a cohesive link between your invitation and these custom cards for printed invitations.
  • Your wedding website can be designed to match all other elements of your wedding stationery. By taking your cues from the wedding invite samples available through Bliss & Bone, you can incorporate wedding invitation backgrounds into your wedding website that suit your style and that mesh well with the other elements of your wedding plans.
  • RSVP cards can feature your wedding invite backgrounds to create the most elegant and cohesive look. By choosing a wedding invitation background and using the same background for your wedding website and other items of wedding stationery, you can build a brand for you and your partner as a couple, which can help your guests to remember you and your wedding plans more easily.
  • Rehearsal dinner invitations can also reflect the design of your formal invites or Save the Dates, and can also include a similar wedding invite background. Our cohesive designs make it easier than ever to coordinate your wedding invite backgrounds, font styles and more. Once you have found the perfect Save the Date and wedding invitation background and design, you can also check out the rehearsal dinner invite options.
  • Wedding menus are another piece of the puzzle when it comes to your wedding stationery. You can find a pattern that matches your wedding invitation background and the rest of your stationery suite, and it will appear on every guest’s seat at the reception. Your guests will instantly connect this menu to the wedding invitation background, Save the Date design and more.

Each of these elements can be linked by using the same wedding invite backgrounds to tie them together naturally. Your wedding invitation background can create visual interest for your website, your invites and many other aspects of your wedding. You may even be able to reflect the decor of your wedding in the wedding invitation background you choose, which can make a positive impression on all those who attend.

What You Need to Know Before Deciding On the Perfect Wedding Invites Background

Let’s be real: There are a lot of steps involved in the wedding planning process. And while finding the ultimate wedding invitations background is among the most fun aspects, there are some logistical steps you will want to accomplish before you get to that portion of the design process. Here are some of the key steps you will not want to miss out on:

  • Discuss your budget: Before you start planning out your event and stationery (including that gorgeous wedding invitation background!), you need to have an honest conversation about how much money you plan to spend on each vendor. We will go over the cost of invites later in this guide, but for now, it is important to understand that budgeting is the first step to feeling comfortable and excited for the somewhat daunting part of paying for your special day. 
  • Figure out the exact number of guests you want to invite: Your guest list conversation goes in tandem with your budgeting discussion. That’s obviously because the more people you invite, the more expensive your wedding will be. You can give yourself half of the guest list to fill out and your partner the rest, or you can allow your families to take up a certain percentage of the responsibility here. This is often a challenging part of the process, since you likely want as many people as possible to celebrate with you. 
  • Find a wedding planner: This is an optional, but highly recommended part of planning your wedding. Planning pros can assist with everything from budgeting to finding top vendors to weighing in on design decisions. In fact, your wedding planner will likely have great ideas or opinions about your wedding invite background.
  • Deciding on your date and venue: This is obviously a must. You need to know where and when this is happening as soon as possible. And with all of the weddings happening throughout the year, it is crucial to solidify your date for your desired venue. We recommend visiting your top choices, checking for the available dates and going from there. Once your venue and date are in place, it is even easier to figure out the right vendors, design elements and more. And as we have discussed, the venue and season could help you determine an on-point wedding invitations background. For example, you could use a wedding invitations background design that reflects a room or space in your venue or the city where you are hosting your event.
  • Pick a wedding theme: Ahead of making any design decisions, including wedding invitation backgrounds, you need to have an idea of the color palette and decor. You can draw inspiration from your wedding venue or even the attire you picture your wedding party wearing. At the end of the day, everything should feel as cohesive as possible, and narrowing down the wedding theme will contribute to your overall success in this part of the process.
  • Sending out your Save the Date: There is a lot of discussion about whether or not a Save the Date is mandatory, but we are firm believers in the idea that more information and advanced notice is always a plus. In order to do this, you will want to confirm the full guest list and decide on whether it should be sent via email or through the mail. Both are popular options, but an online Save the Date will save you time and money (and paper, since it is an excellent eco-friendly option). For these, you can choose a look that will be similar to your wedding invitation background, in order to make your stationery suite as cohesive as possible.
  • Build your wedding website: Another cohesive element that can coordinate with your wedding invites background is your wedding website. It is often recommended that you complete this part before you send out your Save the Date. This way, you can provide guests with a link to your wedding website on your Save the Date, giving them access to up-to-date information they will need in the leadup to your ceremony, reception and any other wedding-related events.
  • Choose your dream wedding invitation template: Before you choose the ultimate wedding invitation background, you can first pick out your top choice among the many templates for wedding invites. From there, you can stick with the wedding invitation background provided or mix it up and swap in an alternate option. 

This is a brief overview of the many steps you will want to “check” off your list prior to designing your invites and choosing the right wedding invite background. With so many steps involved in these processes, we suggest getting started as soon as possible, and you can always find inspiration and helpful information at Bliss & Bone.

Designing Your Website to Match Your Wedding Invitation Background

The wedding invites you design will probably be done after you have prepared your wedding website. With that, you will want to figure out your favorite wedding invitation background ahead of time. At Bliss & Bone, there are plenty of templates to choose from: wedding websites, online Save the Dates, printed Save the Dates, online invitations, printed invitations, online rehearsal dinner invites, printed rehearsal dinner invites and wedding menus. While you don’t need to come up with a matchy-matchy look, it does help to coordinate your stationery with each other and the other decor you have decided on for your celebration. 

To help you through the stationery selection process, the designers at Bliss & Bone have curated collections that comprise all of the items you need. This way, you and your partner can take the guesswork out of thinking through the entire design. The first choice you will make is the look of your wedding website, but you can review the various collections to find the one that coordinates with your favorite wedding invitation background beforehand. For example, if you are planning to have an orange and blue color palette with citrus accents, the Adrian collection is the perfect solution. And for a minimalist black and white collection, consider the Harlow set of stationery.

The wedding website is also a place to hold a lot of the information that doesn’t necessarily make it into your wedding invitation. Let’s say you have received several questions about the same topic. To limit the number of texts or calls you get over the next few months, you can create a separate frequently asked questions (FAQ) page on your wedding website. It can incorporate a similar style to your wedding invitation background, while also providing the exact details your guests need. In addition to FAQs, you can also share recommendations or information about hotels and room blocks in the area. Plus, you can even add photos of you and your partner from your engagement shoot, and prepare a page where guests can RSVP for your wedding. There are so many things your guests need to prepare for your big day, and your wedding website is the best place to accomplish that.

Building Your Wedding Invitation From Start to Finish

At Bliss & Bone, we provide the tools and the wedding invite backgrounds you need to create a wedding invitation that you and your partner will be proud to show off to your friends and family members. We offer templates, images, backgrounds and font options to make creating a customized website even easier. Since your wedding invitations background can also be used for your website and other elements of your wedding communications, choosing Bliss & Bone will help you create a cohesive and pulled-together look for all elements of your wedding stationery suite. Here is a step-by-step guide for building the perfect invitation for your upcoming ceremony and reception:

  • Choose a theme for your wedding: The theme of your wedding is the overall look and feel you intend to convey with your invitation, your wedding ceremony, your attire and your reception. Deciding between formal and casual and among the various options for wedding themes can help you to find the perfect wedding invitation background for your stationery suite.
  • Enter your information: Bliss & Bone and most other online invitation providers will require some basic information before you can begin to design your wedding invitation online through our site. This information will usually include the location, date, time and your names and is required to create a functional and informative wedding invitation for your invited guests.
  • Find the perfect wedding invitation backgrounds: As the canvas for your invite, your wedding invitation background can make a significant difference in the look and feel of your invite. Whether you are considering a rustic wedding invitation background or an elegant floral look, you can find the perfect wedding invitation backgrounds in the Bliss & Bone background gallery.
  • Add design elements to personalize your invite: Our gallery of images and font choices make it easy to find the perfect accents to create your ideal wedding invitation. Testing your image choices and matching them with the perfect wedding invitation backgrounds can allow you to see your printed and paperless invites before you commit to a particular design or look.
  • Tweak and test: If some or all of your wedding invitations will be sent digitally, you can test your invite with your own email or with your partner's email address to make sure it looks the way you want when it arrives in your recipient's inbox.
  • Decide on your guest list: Collecting physical addresses or email addresses will be an important task on your checklist for wedding planning. Making sure you have the right addresses for everyone you want to invite can allow you to streamline the process of creating and sending your wedding invitations.
  • Select your printing method: For online wedding invitations, no printing is required. Printed wedding invitations, however, will require additional choices on your part that may include selecting the paper you want, deciding whether you want professional calligraphy or digital address printing for your wedding invitation envelopes, choosing text effects and letterpress options, deciding on gold foil or edge treatments for your invitation and other add-ons that can enhance the beauty of your completed wedding invite.
  • Design your inserts: While digital wedding invitations can often refer guests to your wedding website directly, your printed wedding invites will often require inserts that offer information on the website, the accommodations, registries and transportation information for your guests. These inserts are ideally suited for RSVP cards as well.
  • Finalize your design: Once your addresses have all been entered and your design is finished, you can perform additional testing or go directly to the next step of entering your personal information on Bliss & Bone's website.
  • Create your website: If you have not already created and completed your wedding website, you can do so at this time. Using the same wedding invitation backgrounds for printed and digital invitations and websites can help you create a strong and memorable brand for your wedding and for you and your partner as a happy couple.
  • Send your digital invites or print your invitations: With Bliss & Bone's online wedding invitations, you can send them on schedule that works for you. Alternatively, we can print your wedding invitations and ship them to you directly.
  • Update your website: As the date of your wedding approaches, you will likely need to adjust your wedding website to reflect new information or changes in venues, menus, accommodations or transportation. Keeping your website up-to-date can allow you to provide the most accurate information for those most important to you when planning your big day.

At Bliss & Bone, we offer an array of wedding invitation backgrounds, images and examples of elegant and modern wedding invites that will allow you to create the custom wedding invitation you have always wanted. Best of all, our wedding invitation backgrounds are designed to work with our websites, printed invites and paperless options. This can make it much easier for you to create a cohesive wedding stationery suite that will showcase the special love shared between you and your partner.

Deciding Between Online and Printed Invites for Your Wedding Celebration

You have so many decisions to make about your wedding, and when it comes to your stationery, there is a big one: online versus printed. A wedding e-invite has become more popular (and with that, more widely accepted etiquette-wise) over the years, but printed invites are a perennial favorite as well. There are plenty of benefits to using either method, but here are some of the factors that sway couples’ decisions through the process:

  • Your estimated budget for stationery: After your all-important budgeting conversation, you should have an idea about what you can spend on your wedding invitations. You can expect to set aside about four to six percent of that budget on stationery. So, if you assess those numbers and think printed ones are too expensive, evites are an excellent alternative. Because they don’t require any paper—for envelopes or the card itself—or stamps, they are a much more cost-effective option. 
  • Concerns about your impact on the environment: Some couples want to prioritize reducing their carbon footprint, which is no easy feat during wedding planning. One easy workaround for this is digital invites, which are sent via email and do not require the use of paper. If you want the best of both worlds, however, you can also ask guests to reply to your wedding online, or send out separate digital invites to events that happen before or after your wedding (think a welcome night party or post-wedding brunch). 
  • Stationery style and experience preferences: For many couples, it all boils down to style. It is possible that you love the traditional element and tangibility of printed invites, or that you are obsessed with letterpress printing. Meanwhile, others might prefer the convenience and ease-of-use that is guaranteed with digital invites. See what is available to you for fonts, cards and wedding invitation backgrounds before making your final pick.
  • Your guests’ relationship with technology: Even though we are in the 21st century, not all guests are comfortable with high-tech products. If you are concerned about this, you may want to go the traditional route and send out printed invites. 
  • How much you and your partner value keepsakes: There are so many mementos you can hold onto that will remind you of your wedding day. For you, your partner, your families and the wedding party, the invitation could serve as a special keepsake held onto for years to come. Plus, as the wedding day approaches, your guests can post it up on their fridges and have a daily reminder that an epic celebration is just around the corner. 
  • The amount of time you have to create your invites: Turnaround time may also contribute to your debate over digital versus printed invites. The latter will take weeks and involves working alongside a designer to approve proofs, while evites can be sent out on the same day you design them. Evaluate how much time you have left in the planning process and then factor that into your ultimate decision about the types of invites you order.

Understanding all of the steps involved in crafting your stationery suite is key to the process. You and your partner need to stay organized, as best as you can, which is often where a planner comes in handy. The three of you can work together with a trusted stationer, assess the considerations listed above and tackle your stationery with a shared mindset.

How Much Will Your Wedding Invitation Cost?

The average cost of a wedding has been listed as $33,931. While catering and venues make up the largest percentages of these wedding expenses, other items like wedding dresses, rings and invitations can also play a role in determining the overall cost of your wedding. The cost of your wedding invitations will depend on a few factors that are largely under the control of you and your partner:

  • Digital vs. printed: Printed invitations can be expensive. Opting for digital wedding invitations can often allow you to reduce the overall cost of printing and postage. If not all guests on your list can receive digital wedding invites, you may be able to create a combination of online and printed invitations that can save you money while ensuring that every invited guest receives an invitation they can read and to which they can respond. This can cut down on the expense of mailing your invites and can allow you to manage costs more efficiently.
  • Added printing costs: Some added features will cost more to incorporate into your wedding invite, including adding a wedding invitation background. Features like hand calligraphy, foil stamping and letterpress services will also add to the overall cost of printing your wedding invitations. 
  • Number of invitations: Of course, the number of invitations you design—printed or digital—will inevitably affect the overall cost of your stationery. All guests who receive a Save the Date should also get a formal invitation later on. For more context, 100 printed cards typically start at about $700 to $1,200, and digital invites are about $1 each.
  • Digital add-ons: You can add in a logo or monogram that will increase the cost of your digital wedding invitations. After you make your purchase on Bliss & Bone, for example, your custom design is uploaded to your account for use on all of your stationery products on the Bliss & Bone site.
  • Turnaround time: If you are working on a well-paced wedding planning timeline, you should have months to think through your favorite templates, find the best wedding invite backgrounds and thoughtfully curate your entire stationery suite. However, it is totally fine if you are running short on time and need an expedited process. Stationers will likely increase their rates if you need your design completed quickly. Plus, you might also have more limited wedding invite background images to choose from.

At Bliss & Bone, we make every effort to keep your printed or paperless invites as affordable as possible. We want your wedding to be a success and offer an array of wedding invitation background choices and added services to help you create the wedding of your dreams regardless of your budget restrictions.

When to Start Creating Your Wedding Invitation

Creating a comprehensive timeline for finalizing wedding plans as soon as you know the date of your wedding will allow you to manage your planning process much more efficiently. In general, Save the Date cards and your wedding website should be in place complete with your wedding invitation background and design as soon as possible. This will allow your guests to plan for the big day and will ensure that they have access to the most accurate info about your wedding ceremony and reception.

For destination weddings, sending out your Save the Date at least six months in advance will often ensure that more of your invited guests can attend. In general, however, your wedding invitation should arrive between six and eight weeks before the big day. In most cases, sending your wedding invite sooner is better.

In addition to this guideline, here are some other stationery-related timeline elements you want to make sure you complete within the suggested time frames:

  • Save the Dates: These are your first pieces of contact to your wedding guests, and you should send them out about six to eight months prior to your big day—or even earlier for destination weddings. At this time, you should have also completed your wedding website, since these will go hand-in-hand. Plus, the designs you choose will also inevitably inform your selection for the best wedding invitations background.
  • Rehearsal dinner invitations: You should make sure your rehearsal dinner invitations are sent out to your guests four to six weeks before that particular event. While it is not required, you can also find templates that have a similar or matching design to your wedding invitation background image.
  • Wedding invitations: Your wedding invitation should be sent out about two months before your big day, and you need to provide guests with a deadline to respond. RSVPs should be returned to you by about two to three weeks before your wedding day. As you start the building process, give yourself enough time to review different wedding invitations background options, fonts, three-dimensional objects, shadows, printing styles and more.

These are a few of the key players involved in your wedding planning timeline, and primarily relate to your stationery suite. This to-do list covers everything from finding invites with the perfect wedding invitation backgrounds, unique decor elements and more thoughtful touches.

Examples of Wedding Invitation Backgrounds

At Bliss & Bone, we offer an array of wedding invitation backgrounds that can be incorporated into websites, printed and paperless invitations and other elements of your wedding suite. Some of the most beautiful wedding invitation backgrounds available from Bliss & Bone are listed below:

  • Floral wedding invitation backgrounds: Wedding invite backgrounds that feature floral designs or pink designs are among the most popular options we offer at Bliss & Bone. Finding the perfect floral look for your wedding invitations background can allow you to make the most positive impression on your guests.
  • Modern wedding invitation backgrounds: Choosing from among our array of modern wedding invitation backgrounds can help you to create a truly modern look and feel for your wedding invitation and website. These backgrounds typically focus on dramatic contrasts and may feature pastel or black-and-white patterns that will set off the other elements of your invite in an elegant and memorable way.
  • Rustic wedding invitation backgrounds: Casual and elegant, a rustic wedding invitation background can highlight the venue or the theme of your wedding perfectly. Some examples of rustic wedding invitations background options might feature muted tones, woodsy elements and more. You might also see barrels, burlap, farmhouse-style and other cozy aesthetic pieces.
  • Tropical wedding invitation backgrounds: Wedding invitation backgrounds that feature tropical greenery are popular choices for outdoor weddings, garden weddings and weddings that focus on the beauty of nature. Tropical wedding invite background ideas include palm fronds, shadows or prints showing some type of foliage and more.
  • Beach wedding invitation backgrounds: For beach lovers and weddings to be held on the beach, beach-themed wedding invitation background options are a natural choice that can impress your guests while giving cues about expected attire and venue. With similar features to our collection of tropical wedding invitations background styles, these might show foliage, warm beach-inspired tones and more.
  • Architectural wedding invitation backgrounds: Choosing an architectural wedding invitation background is a good fit for modern weddings and can provide the structure and framework needed to communicate the theme of your upcoming wedding.
  • Edgy wedding invitation backgrounds: If you have definite artistic tastes, choosing edgy wedding invitation backgrounds can provide an avant-garde look for your wedding invite and can allow you to design the wedding invitation you have always wanted.
  • Neutral wedding invitation backgrounds: For traditional weddings, neutral wedding invite backgrounds can often be matched to the color scheme of your ceremony or reception and can provide you with the perfect backdrop for your text and images.
  • Photo wedding invite backgrounds: One of the most simple yet personalized ideas is to choose a wedding invitation background image from your engagement photos or any other time in your relationship. The best wedding invitation background images are wide-ranging, as both up-close images of you and your partner and more distant photos showing a beautiful backdrop work well for these.
  • Greenery wedding invite backgrounds: If you are planning a wedding on a tropical island or some sort of natural locale, a perennial favorite is to opt for a greenery-filled wedding invite background. From palm fronds to feathery foliage, our unique designs include tasteful wedding invite backgrounds that will immediately transport your guests to your venue. 
  • Minimalist wedding invite backgrounds: Of course, you can always keep it simple with your wedding invitations background design. There are plenty of solid color options, or even the classic white wedding invites background. Plus, Bliss & Bone also gives couples the opportunity to add on some interesting features like a custom logo or monogram.
  • Brightly colored wedding invitation backgrounds: Bold couples should seek out bold and bright wedding invitation backgrounds. These wedding invitation backgrounds may feature florals or artistic elements, but there is always one guarantee: punchy colors that match your overall vibe and the pieces of decor you choose for your celebration.
  • Black and white wedding invitation backgrounds: There are few wedding invitations background design options that reflect modern-minimalism and all things chic quite like black and white templates. These wedding invite backgrounds work well with black tie events, modern museum weddings and more.
  • Vintage wedding invitation backgrounds: Wedding invites background styles can also reflect a different era. Anything that feels like it was from another time can function as the ideal vintage wedding invitations background. Think vintage-looking stamps, deckle edges and any wedding invites background with a rustic or old school vibe.
  • Boho wedding invitation backgrounds: If you love pampas grass and neutrals, consider a boho wedding invitations background. This is a perennial favorite theme among wedding couples, so it is more than understandable that people would explore the many boho wedding invitation backgrounds available.
  • Moody wedding invitation backgrounds: Moody colors are dark and romantic, and those types of wedding invitations background ideas have the exact same effect. Colors including dark blues and reds are perfect fits for this category. These particular wedding invitation backgrounds are highly recommended for fall and winter weddings, in particular.

At Bliss & Bone, we make it easy to find the perfect options for your wedding invitation backgrounds and imagery. Our gallery is an ideal starting point for managing your wedding plans more efficiently and creating an invitation of which you and your partner will be justifiably proud.

Determining the Best Wedding Invitation Background Based on Your Venue

As we mentioned earlier in this guide, there are sources of inspiration for your potential wedding invitation backgrounds all around you during the wedding planning process. Perhaps the most obvious is the type of wedding you are hosting, and where exactly you plan to say, “I do.” There are quite a few popular spots to exchange your vows, and we have paired those spaces with tips and tricks to find the best wedding invitation backgrounds. From the whimsical high desert to luxurious hotel ballrooms, these are our favorite ideas for perennial favorite venues:

  • Wedding invitation background ideas for hotel weddings: Hotels are located all across the globe, and have special histories and appearances. Some are converted and taking on a second life as a hotel, while others are new and modern buildings. Whichever one you choose for your venue, there is likely a wedding invitation background that is its perfect match. Seek out standout colors at the hotel, or even an eye-catching architectural feature. For example, there could be a green accent chair that determines your “pop” of color for your wedding. Or, there might be an inspiring tile floor that you want to reflect in your wedding invitation background. These little details will lead to exceptional wedding invites that your guests truly appreciate and love. 
  • Wedding invitation background ideas for backyard weddings: Intimate backyard weddings have become increasingly popular over the years. Not only are they well-suited for those with budgeting concerns, but they also create a more personal, dynamic atmosphere for wedding couples. You can source wedding invitation backgrounds that remind you of the backyard where you are getting married. Perhaps there’s a tree that will serve as the ceremony backdrop, or maybe there’s a color that matches the home. Look around the space and see what speaks to you and what you want to highlight in your wedding stationery. 
  • Wedding invitation background ideas for botanical garden weddings: Botanical gardens are absolutely gorgeous. Because of their focus on the beautiful flowers and greenery, it can also inspire the bouquets and floral arrangements for your wedding (and allow you to save on decorations!). In addition to the decor, it can also serve as the muse for your wedding invitation background. Try and see which flowers will be in full bloom when you get married, and then explore your options that match the floral lineup.
  • Wedding invitation background ideas for mountain weddings: Whether you’re getting married with snow-capped mountains in the distance or atop a peak in the middle of the spring, there are near-countless matches to your venue and wedding invitation backgrounds. Focus on the season, and then review backgrounds with the colors and botanical elements that coordinate. Fallen leaves and pine cones, for example, are ideal complements to an autumnal celebration in the mountains. 
  • Wedding invitation background ideas for desert weddings: People love venturing to the desert for micro weddings and oversized fêtes alike. Typically associated with boho weddings, these events emphasize nature, warm tones like oranges and pinks and the love you and your partner share. If there are wedding invitation backgrounds with cacti or other desert plants, that is another option to look into during your search. 
  • Wedding invitation background ideas for museum weddings: There are so many different museums all over the world. The most visited ones are natural history, modern art and everything in between. Because there is such a range here, there are even more wedding invitation background ideas to choose from. For a modern art museum, for instance, you can look for contemporary shapes and designs. And if you are dancing the night away at a natural history museum, you could even find a wedding invitation background that reflects one of the site’s popular exhibits.   
  • Wedding invitation background ideas for city weddings: This may seem a bit vague, but if you are getting married in a metropolitan city, you should consider a background that’s truly metropolitan. From real photos of the cityscape where you will get married to more abstract geometric shapes, seek out contemporary artwork for wedding invitation backgrounds. You can look through Bliss & Bone’s gallery for these, or you can upload your own photos for the most unique design imaginable. 

Fortunately, there is no shortage of inspiration when it comes to wedding invitation backgrounds. Where and when you exchange your vows is a major part of that, which is why your venue and date are among the most important choices you make while planning. As you explore venues and consider dates, take notes about your surroundings. Does it match your overall vision for the event, or should you research more venues in the area? Think all of this through with your partner to see what works best for your venue, date and stationery.

How to Enhance the Look of Your Wedding Invitation Backgrounds

Your wedding invitation background is one part of the invite your guests will receive. If you are planning to create digital invites, there are other components available to amp up the look of your wedding invitation background. As long as they coordinate and do not clash with each other, these additional elements can contribute to your general theme and style.

These are the digital additions we recommend bringing into your wedding invite design:

  • Incorporate three-dimensional objects that coordinate: Three-dimensional objects are what makes your invites pop. Even though they appear on a screen, the designers who created them made sure that they are dynamic, dimensional pieces that would benefit any type of stationery. They range from abstract shapes to images of real-life objects like a ring in a ring box, vintage stamps and flowers. In Bliss & Bone’s online builder, you can test out a bunch of options before determining what fits your vibe the most. Limit your selection to two or three, though, so it doesn’t get too busy on your card.
  • Play with shadow overlays and dimension: Similar to three-dimensional objects, shadow overlays offer a surprising twist to classic wedding invites. These are displayed over the top of the card, appearing as though there is something hanging above it. Not only does this add dimension, but it also signals your guests to the theme. For example, you can choose a shadow overlay that looks like a tropical tree—ideal for those celebrating near the beach or in a rainforest. Others take on the appearance of windows, flowers and much more. 
  • Choose a coordinating font or series of fonts: The font you select can also factor into how your wedding invitation background is perceived among guests. If you have a colorful, design-heavy background, consider pairing it with a more simple, serif font. By contrast, if you decide on a solid or more muted background, you can punch up the design with a bolder script or serif font. Script fonts are best for romantic, whimsical and vintage aesthetics, while serif fonts are common for modern, eccentric and minimalist celebrations. 
  • Switch up the color of your wedding invitation background: Love a template but aren’t quite sure about the pre-programmed wedding invitation background? In the online builder, you can easily swap out different backgrounds to see what you and your partner like most. You can even find a better color for your wedding invitation background that takes on the same “texture” as the premade template. 

Creating your wedding invites is all about trial and error until you get your favorite outcome. Carve out time when you and your partner are free and spend a few hours playing with the various templates available to you. If you want to really work that right side of your brain, you can also use the Start From Scratch template. This allows you to have full control of your invite, from start to finish. With a blank canvas, you and your partner can work together on every aspect of the design. It should also be noted that these elements are only available to couples who are planning to design and order digital invites.

Printed Wedding Invitation Samples
Aspen Wedding Invitation
Printed Wedding Invitations
Aspen Wedding Invitation
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Printed Wedding Invitations
Avery Wedding Invitaiton
Bradford Wedding Invitation
Printed Wedding Invitations
Bradford Wedding Invitation
Brando Wedding Invitation
Printed Wedding Invitations
Brando Wedding Invitation
Mason Wedding Invitation
Printed Wedding Invitations
Mason Wedding Invitation

Finding a Wedding Logo or Monogram That Coordinates with Your Favorite Wedding Invitation Backgrounds

If you are curious about customizing your wedding invitation even more, consider exploring custom wedding logos or monograms. These personalized symbols are created by a dedicated designer who can learn more about your invite choices—including your favorite wedding invitation backgrounds—before developing a unique one just for you. More often than not, these show your and your partner’s names or initials, and some even include your wedding date or location and a special design.

You can review the many options available on Bliss & Bone’s website, and see which ones go with your go-to wedding invitation background. From there, you should move forward in making your purchase. With this, you have three purchasing options:

  • For use on Bliss & Bone only: This will only allow you to use your wedding logo on Bliss & Bone products. With this, you can place your logo or monogram directly over your wedding invitation background image.
  • Elsewhere: If you want to use this file elsewhere, you will receive a print-ready file and prepare to include it in anything from your cocktail napkins to reception signage.
  • Both: This will allow you to use the logo or monogram on your Bliss & Bone account and as a print-ready file. It is truly the best of both worlds for couples who want to have complete access to their logo or monogram. 

After you have made your purchasing decision, add your text that you would like to be featured on this product. Then, a designer will get to work on your design and send over your custom logo or monogram within two business days. You get one revision with your order, so feel free to make suggestions and you can even show them wedding invitation backgrounds you love for more context. After you have given your final approval of the design, it will be uploaded to your account (for Bliss & Bone only or Both purchases) or sent to your email (for Elsewhere purchases). 

If you want to incorporate your wedding logo or monogram into other aspects of your wedding, it is important to know that there are so many ways to get creative here. You can have your logo or monogram printed onto an aisle runner, displayed on the reception bar and so much more. Think about where you would like to see it and then coordinate with your planner or designer to make it happen.

Why Choose Bliss & Bone for Your Wedding Invitations?

Along with our array of wedding invitation background options, Bliss & Bone can also provide you with some real advantages that may not be available from other invitation providers:

  • Streamlined process with clear instructions and steps to design and build your own stationery suite, with helpful guides and content to support you on your journey
  • Full customization for your wedding invitation, including fonts, images and backgrounds
  • Custom text effects and letterpress options that will allow you to create a standout invitation for your upcoming wedding
  • Art quality printing for backgrounds that allows layering of letterpress or foil stamp text over the wedding invitation background
  • An extensive gallery of images, photos, graphics and other objects to personalize your invite
  • Support for foreign languages to allow you to print your wedding invites in the most appropriate language for each of your guests
  • Personalized logos and monograms are available for purchase and can include your and your partner’s initials, names and even a custom design. If you want a more neutral wedding invitation background, this feature can really make your invites pop

At Bliss & Bone, we go the extra mile for you and your partner to make sure your wedding invitations are as beautiful and memorable as possible. We offer the best options for your wedding invitation printing needs along with websites, wedding logos, monograms and other elements necessary to create the wedding stationery suite you need for your once-in-a-lifetime wedding to the one you love.

Find the Perfect Wedding Invitation Background at Bliss & Bone

To find the perfect wedding invitation background for your upcoming wedding ceremony and reception, you need to figure out your overall theme and aesthetic preferences. To get you started, we advise you to visit our website or drop us a line at today. We look forward to the opportunity to help you create a wedding invitation you and your partner will love.

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